Introduction to CTP Plates

With the increasing development and application of CTP technology, people in the industry realize that CTP plate is a core part of this technology. Compared with the traditional plate-making process, the processing of the CTP plate is somewhat tedious, but its remarkable printability is unmatched ----more

North America's first PLA plastic box

AGI/Klearfold, the world's largest plastic box manufacturer, recently introduced a NatureSource plastic box package. The box is South America's first commercially viable plastic box made from NatureWorks PLA material, a polymer made of corn that makes it possible The earth meets the requir ----more

Hard single-port dual-chamber infusion bag making machi…

【Patent Type】 Invention Patent 【Patent Name】 Hard Single-Tube Double Chamber Infusion Bag Making Machine for Liquid Drugs and Solid Drugs 【Applicant】 Hunan Qianshan Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. [Inventor] Liu Xianghua; Peng Xunde [Main Applicant] Addres ----more

New anti-counterfeiting high-value-added laser pattern …

With the development of society and improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding the packaging of various articles, especially cigarettes, wine, food, medicine, cosmetics and other printing and packaging, in the direction of beautifying the appearance, anti-counterfeiting, an ----more

Avoid paper defects in the on-demand printing process

Even for those who have rich experience in printing and binding, they may feel very tricky when they first start digital printing. For example, digital printing and offset printing are two completely different processes, but the paper they use is indeed the same. Therefore, people also expect that ----more

Flat-knob boxed version of KFC fries box

The KFC fries box is a kind of shaped carton with a long bottom and a circular arc after being folded in an isosceles trapezoidal shape. Its unfolded flat box material shape is shown in FIG. 1. The folded box material shape is shown in FIG. 2 shows. From the virtual midline of box material, this i ----more

Offset ink balance discussion - ink transfer (1)

Ink transfer and transfer In the printing process, the ink is transferred, transported and transferred to the surface of the printing material (Figure 5-7), always maintaining the ink transfer and transfer stability, evenness and amount, is to ensure the quality of the print. The quality of ink ----more