Influencing Factors and Mathematical Description of Coa…

1.3 Mathematical Model of Coating Film Uniformity The effect of the hologram is directly related to the surface condition of the coating film (film thickness, refractive index, smoothness, etc.), and for this reason, the factors influencing the optical density change of the coating film are exami ----more

Océ DS8000 Series Products

The company's Oce digital printing series products provide users with typesetting, printing, cutting and binding automatic assembly lines. The DS 8000 can be used for stand-alone or dual-sided duplex or single-side printing, as well as dual-color overprinting. Its printing speed is 290/470/700 ----more

Japan developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning t…

Tokyo, Japan, has successfully developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning tiles in the laboratory. There is a thin layer of nano-TiO2 on the surface. Under the irradiation of light, any substance that adheres to the surface, including oil, bacteria, etc., due to the catalytic effect of nano-T ----more

Transparent plating ceramic film

Ceramic coating film, also known as CT film, was first introduced into the market in 1996 by Japan's Daejeon Printing Co. and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. and immediately attracted great attention from the packaging industry. The galvanizing method of ceramic membranes is similar to the usual metal plat ----more

Slightly comment on the domestic part of the underwear …

The following is a rough introduction of the products that are basically available in China. My ability is limited. If anything goes wrong, please correct me. Although Jackets are not necessary in outdoor activities and are not considered to be the most important ones, they now seem to be the sym ----more

CTcP Technology Creates a New World for Computer Direct…

Since the advent of CTP computer-to-plate technology in 1995, it has achieved the perfect combination of computer typesetting and high-speed plate making. From now on, there is no longer any need for film processing such as development or fixing of film, nor does it require articulation. Instead, ----more

The Right Choice for HP Short Print Solutions

The customer's needs and applications are the key to choosing the right digital short-run printing solution. Therefore, before purchasing the short-run printing solution, you need to consider which of the short-term printing solutions is more suitable for you to provide your own customers with ----more