Upholstered furniture sets new standards for quality as…

The National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee recently passed the examination and approval of four new standards for soft furniture. It has now passed the approval stage, and there will be no history of software-related furniture in China. The situation that there is no specific relev ----more

Alternative exotic makeup

The indian Indian tribe, the golden Nanyang Island, and the blue Aegean Sea... On a romantic midsummer night, with a very ethnic style, draw a different exotic makeup, and hold hands with your lover. These charming and colorful foreign countries, that is what makes people look forward to, let's ----more

The artistic charm of the brochure printing pagoda fold

Propaganda folding is one of the basic forms of paper function. When rich folding forms are combined with dazzling visual effects, there are more direct, lively, most infectious, and most economical ones in human information media. The advanced folding equipment gives various symmetry or asymmetri ----more

Thousands of prints trigger designer inspiration

If you are familiar with fashion design or simply satisfy the heart of beauty, fashionistas who have experienced fashion trends in the past two years can all make personalized comments on digital printing. Digital printing is really hot, from Prada's tropical jungle-themed digital print to Chr ----more

Pay attention to the four elements of green living to b…

With the gradual deterioration of the living environment, attention to health began to lead the fashion on the wave of the trend, and the resulting "green series" - such as green food, green appliances, etc., is still in the ascendant, and with this The wave of green homes that surged in ----more

Honey skin care method delays aging and whitens

DIY Honey Fruit and Vegetable Wrinkle Mask Scientific anti-wrinkle measures and wrinkle methods can help us delay the onset of wrinkles. Studies have shown that honey can promote skin metabolism, enhance its vitality and antibacterial power, and have the effect of softening whitening and delaying ----more

Check the price/performance ratio of nine multi-effect …

In 2009, the base makeup will no longer rely on the shades of darkness to create a fair skin, but use light to change the complexion and even the contours of the face, such as magic to create a perfect makeup effect, while also having a flaw on the face. The role of modification. Let's take a l ----more