The workplace must know Xiao Feng Shui: a knife from be…

The synergy generated by both the company and the unit leadership is quite important, and this synergy can be explained in terms of easy learning. It is the team with the boss as the core. The boss's life is complementary to the five lines in the life of the supervisor. The popular one is mutua ----more

Let's talk about the 200-liter steel drum round cri…

Let's talk about the 200-liter steel drum round crimping process (1) Wu Tielin The boom of the 200-liter steel drum round curling process has swept the steel drum industry in the middle. The quality of our steel drums has skyrocketed, and in a very short period of time, we have successively ----more

The United States launched two furniture environmental …

California's demanding regulations for formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels (CARB Act) are well known in the industry and are known as the world's most stringent standards. The reporter learned from the Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau that US President Barack Obama of ----more

The Advantages of 3 Station Blowing Machines in the Fie…

Injection blow molding machine is mainly used for processing HDPE, PP raw medicine bottles. Small plastic bottles molded with injection blow molding equipment are generally welcomed by pharmaceutical manufacturers. Due to the injection blow-molded bottle body during the molding process, the nozzle ----more

5 reasons why the floor is squeaking

If you want to make the floor soundless, you must first find out the reason why the floor makes a sound. Generally speaking, the reason why the floor has a sound is as follows: 1 The sound caused by uneven ground is in accordance with the specifications for paving, acceptance ----more

Reveal the 5 major mistakes of the blackhead method

Blackheads are the most hated skin problems of the girls. The original white skin is filled with hateful blackheads. Who would be willing? Let's take a look at the five ways to get rid of blackheads . Wrong method one: using salt 搓 The Internet has prevailed a method of using salt to rem ----more

Definition of terms: mechanical pulping

Mechanical pulping is the use of mechanical methods to process fiber raw materials to dissociate the fibers. Wood-based raw materials called mechanical pulp. The paper industry uses mainly mechanical pulp, also known as groundwood pulp. The mechanical pulp retains a large amount of lignin in the r ----more