Analysis of factors causing blotting dryness

First, the impact of environmental temperature and humidity 1. Influence of ambient temperature When the temperature rises, the speed of the molecules increases, the intramolecular energy increases, and more peroxides are easily generated with the activated genes, thereby accelerating the polyme ----more

British 5-year-old boy became the youngest toy designer…

Ivan who likes to draw and disassemble toys. Ivan's toy design. Ivan accepts the interview of the company's CEO. The newspaper comprehensive report that for children only 5 years old, the dream is nothing more than delicious, fun, but the 5-year-old Welsh boy Ivan Lloyd Roberts is not so ----more

New packaging technology that can identify the freshnes…

It is generally believed that a packaged food should be safe and fresh as long as it is within its shelf life, but it is not always the case. In order to ensure food safety and prevent consumers from mistakenly eating spoiled foods, scientists have developed new packaging technologies that can ind ----more

Application of Water-based Ink in Gravure Printing

With the rapid development of our country’s economy, people’s requirements for the quality of packaging prints are getting higher and higher, especially aesthetic awareness and environmental protection awareness, which has led to increasingly fierce competition among printing compani ----more

Tobacco bag rotation printing process innovation techno…

Compared to sheet-fed printing, rotary printing is more suitable for large-volume, high-quality cigarette packs. As a flexible printing machine manufacturer with more than 40 years of history, after entering the Chinese market, OMET (Italy), based on its experience in cooperation with cigarette pa ----more

Printing processing considerations

Die-cut production Usually in the making of the manuscript, the packaged die-cuts are made into the same file so that the inspection can be performed intuitively. In this case, a layer should be set up specifically for the die-cut. Monochrome film to facilitate the production of die-cutting tools ----more

Using Dichotomy to Look at the Excessiveness and Approp…

introduction I remember that more than 30 years ago when we took the packaging design class, the teacher told us in a heavy tone that due to the backward packaging design in China, it was “first-class, second-class, and third-class price” in international trade. The ginseng was packed ----more