Hollywood female artist's slimming trick

Autumn, the beautiful golden season, is also the season when slimming consciousness is easily overlooked by us. Being able to own and maintain a perfect figure is the dream of every woman's life. As a star, it is necessary to classify slimming as a key course on the beautiful road. Although it ----more

a moisturizing lotion that leaves your skin hydrated

The temperature gradually fell, and a little coolness at night told us that the early autumn was coming. The air became a lot dryer and the skin was rough and rough. Start doing hydrating homework now, injecting the first layer of water into the early autumn skin to get rid of dryness. Today's ----more

The correct choice of ink species

How to design the printing layout of specialty paper reasonably? Answer: According to the characteristics of gold and silver cardboard, laser paper (including laminating paper, transfer paper) reasonable design printing layout. Gold and silver cardboard and laser paper have high brightness and re ----more

Shu Uemura Makeup Artist takes you into the beautiful e…

The makeup master took inspiration from the stage costume and made a new round of creation of the false eyelashes, giving each eyelashes a vivid expression and rich emotions. Shu Uemura’s global chief makeup artist, Mr. Kok Kang, tells you about the beautiful eyelashes filled with dreams and ----more

Make-up artist decrypts Chinese makeup techniques

Nowadays, make-up is more and more important. Make-up is not only a kind of etiquette, but also makes people more beautiful and charming. It is simply magical. Let's listen to the makeup artist to decipher the Chinese makeup technique. Shu Uemura Global Art Director Shu Uemura's global ar ----more

It is the first cause to hinder the summer skin peeling

The summer of beauty is the moment when women show their charm. However, the cellulite on the body has become the main culprit in the summer skin . It is common in the abdomen and lower extremity cellulite, edema and even cheese-like skin is always embarrassing, cleaning up the "orange peel&qu ----more

Soft tones make your room more elegant

Page 1: Soft tones make your room more elegant Page 2: Soft tones make your room more elegant Page 3: Soft tones make your room more elegant Page 4: Soft tones make your room more elegant Page 5: Soft tones make your room more elegant Page 6: Soft tones make your room more elegant Soft interi ----more