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This icon is believed to be no stranger to everyone. This is the brand we have always been loyal to, adidas that has grown with us in sports.
Adi began to produce outdoor products in the past two years. Since last year, there have been upstream products. Based on last year's products, this product has greatly improved both in terms of product features and color matching. I introduced the users of Greenfield one by one.

As always, the packaging, classic style, Adi into the outdoor brought us another heavyweight product.

The yellow and black collocations are the first impressions of this product to Xiao Bian. The pure color of the big bottom makes this style particularly dazzling and more suitable for the preferences of young netizens.

The shape of the rough design is delicate, the appearance is still the style of Adi, and its iconic luminous strip on the outside allows everyone to have a good protection at night. Since it is an outdoor climbing shoe, this natural section is quite lightweight. The upper is made of mesh and 360-degree breathable design. Therefore, the quality of this section reaches 255 grams, equivalent to the weight of half a bottle of mineral water, and it is easy to carry. In the ever-changing environment, it is naturally useful.


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