Alternative exotic makeup

The indian Indian tribe, the golden Nanyang Island, and the blue Aegean Sea... On a romantic midsummer night, with a very ethnic style, draw a different exotic makeup, and hold hands with your lover. These charming and colorful foreign countries, that is what makes people look forward to, let's introduce some exotic exotic makeup , and bring you to experience exotic customs.

Alternative exotic makeup

Nanyang Sunshine's orange hot and spicy

When the golden sun shines on the islands of Southeast Asia, it shines on the mottled coconut groves and lazy elephants, as well as the sexy skin of local women. Yes, you need a sun-filled, healthy enough makeup to smear the sun's golden eyes on your cheeks, eyebrows and lips, and melt yourself into the tropical landscape.

Golden light cheeks

Choose the foundation of the deep two. After the application, sweep the golden or sunny powder on the cheeks. Don't forget to gently take the entire facial contour.

Lip profile halo

Use a golden lipstick or lip gloss to outline the lip line, just like the glow left by the sun on the lips.

Specification :
1, 100% handmade, convenient ,minimalist,durable 
2, with strong and smooth stitching 
3, Premium good nice eco-friendly PU leather 
4, Any design can be made as your request
1) One main compartment clsoed by zipper, metal zipper puller
2) Variety in the style of bags, it is very convenient to put cosmetic tools or various of cosmetics into it( Sending inquiry now for more details)

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