Analysis of the domestic post-print wireless binding production line process

The wireless perfect binding production line includes all processes such as collating, book block processing, book cover forming and book stacking. The maximum production speed is 6500 copies / h.

Process flow of production line

(1) Binding with general book blocks:

Collation → Flip the original copy → Detect → Enter the book → Positioning and aligning → Milling the back → Brushing → One-time glue application → sticking yarn card →



Secondary gluing → package cover → book back molding → count accumulation → hair book.


For cover

(2) Punch book pages with a flower-wheel knife to bind.

Collating → Vibrate → Locate and Clamp → One-time glue application (upper book core glue) → Adhesive yarn card → Secondary application glue (upper cover glue) → Package cover → Book back forming → Stack out books

Milling back, roughening, one-time glue application (adhesive core glue), and sticky yarn card are the core processing steps of the production line. Firstly, the book block made by punching with a flower wheel knife or plastic line ironing is used. When binding, no processing of back milling and roughening is required, and the glue process can be directly entered.

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