"Anti-hole" artifact helps you shrink pores

"Anti-hole" artifact helps you shrink pores

The large pores are fatal to anyone. No matter boys or girls, they don't want their pores to be thicker than the strawberry nose. Of course, all the skincare makeup brands in the summer have come up with their own killer to help. Everyone "anti-hole", whether it is oil control, adsorption or conditioning, cleaning all kinds of products are all available, and are very new and new! Oh, you love to look at these "anti-hole" artifacts!

1, Pui Ling Fei / Benefit anti-hole elite oil sucker reference price: 190 yuan

Its special "micro-sponge" absorbs excess oil while maintaining skin hydration, and the rotating stick-shaped triangular package is easy to carry and try. The product can help reduce pores; absorb excess oil and inhibit flooding; provide long-lasting oil control effect (continuous release of oil control component / delayed release); lasting effect for up to 6 hours; control oil while maintaining skin hydration; natural, supple matte Skin feel; can be used after makeup (do not make makeup).

2, Ke Yan's / Kiehl's Amazon White Mud Mask (Limited Edition) Reference Price: 280 yuan

Containing the exclusive ingredient “Amazon White Mud”, it can help cleanse, detoxify and smooth out the skin texture. It also has special effects on the damage against environmental pollution. It can reduce the pores, adjust the skin texture and bring meticulous and healthy skin. You create all-round invisible pores and flawless skin.

3, Yue Shi style In / Innisfree volcanic rock mud pores clean tight mousse mask reference price: 140 yuan

New concept mud texture: dense mud mousse; dry skin can also be used for moisturizing; mousse upgraded version of volcanic mud; core technology NEW mud mask, covering small pores and fine lines, strong cleansing skin and sebum and Dust is an excellent cleansing mask.

4, Iti House / ETUDE HOUSE multi-effect pore tightening conditioning liquid reference price: 158 yuan

Nursing pores: Manage various skin problems such as “pores, insufficient water”; rich in botanical ingredients, reduce skin burden and improve efficacy; balance PH value: maintain ph4.5 baby muscles, manage each due to oil and water imbalance A skin problem; any skin can be used: it can be used as a toner or before the toner, or as a spray. 6 Free: Contains no preservatives, mineral oil, artificial fragrance, artificial colors, talc, and animal origin.

5, Clariant / Clarisonic Sonic Cleansing Instrument Smart Profile (smart type)

Using the future technology, the sound wave cleansing and intelligent technology are perfectly combined, and the information of different parts of the face is read by the built-in chip to automatically change the different cleaning speeds, and the new "Turbo" (one-click speed increase) setting is added; the face, the body and the foot are compatible. Dedicated brush head, great all-in-one function; automatic reminder for brush head replacement and battery indicator.

6, Yuemu source / Origins powder slippery essence reference price: 390 yuan

Improve skin texture, brighten skin tone, shrink pores and solve sputum, full-effect repair, let the skin resurrect with blood, rejuvenate from the inside out!

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