Authoritative survey agency shows that running effectively increases national satisfaction

Authoritative survey agency shows that running effectively increases national satisfaction Date:2015-06-12 11:06

At present, jogging is more and more popular with urban residents compared to other sports. Wakefield Research, an authoritative US investigation agency, has released a new survey report on running. The survey targeted 1,000 Americans over the age of 1,000, 1,000 Canadians, and 1,000 German runners. They were all amateurs who had been exercising once a week, and investigated their preference for running issues. There are still many unexpected results:

First, Canadian sisters are most open when running

62% of American sisters like to wear shorts for running, and only 8% choose to run without underwear. Relative to more open Americans, 72% of conservative Germans wear trousers to run. Of course the most open Canadians, 11% of Canadian sisters choose to go for a vacuum to run.

In sports bras, the I-shaped figure is obviously the favorite of the sisters, 47% of people will choose to use this, behind the cross type accounted for 39%, while the front button type accounted for 14%.

The runners' love for running shoes is also getting deeper and deeper, and 74% of respondents said that if the rest of their lives can only wear a pair of shoes, they will choose a pair of running shoes.

Second, 40% runners believe that running makes them happier

Does running make your married life happier? 41% of runners believe that running helps them and the other half of their sex life, which is why they insist on running; and 35% of running friends think that it is even lingering before running. Can improve running status.

Third, 50% runners love to run while listening to music

53% of runners believe that the most indispensable part of running is music. It's no wonder that when running, you can often see handsome men and women with handsome headphones on the run; second place is pockets, accounting for 18%, now go out Running, there is no pocket to install a little cash and mobile phones can not; third place, but socks, accounting for 13%.

Four and two runners run with dogs

Although technology occupies a growing proportion in the runner world, most people who talk about running companions still prefer to sweat together side by side. 32% of Americans are still willing to run with friends, followed by 24% of people choose technology products, 20% of runners to bring cute dogs.

V. The most painful thing in running: long blisters

The biggest problem encountered by many runners during running is blisters, and 43% of runners believe that blisters on the soles of their feet are their greatest problems; the relative 32% believe that finding toilets during running is the most painful thing; In addition, 14% of people think that skin inflammation will bring them a lot of trouble.

6. Forrest Gump inspired many people

Why do you start running, what motivates you to drive yourself and keep running? The answer to this question is also varied. 37% of female runners started running because they wanted to have the legs of Cameron Diaz; 48% of male runners started running because they wanted to have as strong legs as David Beckham. Of course, A-Gump who is a man and a woman has become a national idol, and 32% want to run like A-Gump.

Seven, running more achievements the better 44% of the runners compared themselves to red wine, the more long-term more alcohol red wine also represents the runners think that they run more, the better the score.

8, nearly 50% love to run outdoors

Where to run is also a problem that many runners must face. Forty-seven percent prefer to run outdoors, and 27% of people choose to go to the Grand Canyon in the United States for the location of running outdoors. The Great Wall of China also receives 23% of the support rate. Third place in the expected location options.

In the worst weather, most runners still insist on running, and 43% said they would switch to the treadmill in the gym to finish the day's running. Compared with runners in the United States and runners in Canada, Germans are more willing to go outside for running in bad weather. 52% of Germans choose to go for outdoor running regardless of the weather.

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