Beijing Heng Aode analytical sludge specific resistance experimental principle


First, the purpose of the experiment:

Sludge specific resistance (or specific impedance) is a comprehensive indicator of sludge dewatering performance. The larger the sludge specific resistance, the worse the dewatering performance, and the better the dewatering performance. In this experiment, the specific resistance of activated sludge was determined by using FeCl3 and Al2(SO4)3 as coagulants.

I hope to achieve the following objectives through experiments:

1. Master the experimental method for determining the specific resistance of sludge;

2. Master the choice of coagulant using the Buchner funnel test;

3. Master the method of determining the dosage of coagulant.

Second, the experimental principle:

The sludge specific resistance is the resistance of the unit dry weight filter cake per unit filtration area. When the value is equal to the viscosity, the pressure difference required for the filtrate to produce the unit filtrate flow rate per unit weight of the mud cake is

Factors affecting the dewatering performance of sludge include: the nature of the sludge, the concentration of the sludge, the viscosity of the sludge and filtrate, the type of coagulant and the dosage. Usually, the Buchner funnel test is used to determine the specific resistance of the sludge by measuring the speed of the sludge filtrate filtration medium, and the filtration performance of different sludges is compared to determine the optimum coagulant and its dosage.

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