Black and White Laser Printers Common Failure Analysis

Symptom 1: The print is completely white

Failure analysis: 1, toner is used up, the cartridge sealing tape has been removed; 2, cartridge failure; 3, laser failure; 4, data lines or power supply board failure.

Symptom 2: The print is black

Failure analysis: 1, cartridge failure; 2, laser failure; 3, control circuit failure.

Symptom 3: Printed bottom gray

Failure analysis: 1, cartridge failure (scraper or drum core); 2, toner problem.

Symptom 4: Partially blurred prints

Failure analysis: 1, toner cartridge failure; 2, transfer problems.

Symptom 5: The print is tainted

Failure analysis: 1, the paper path is too dirty; 2, toner leakage powder; 3, toner cartridge damage.

Symptom 6: Print fonts are relatively light

Fault analysis: 1. Whether the toner is used up; 2. Printing paper is wet; 3. Whether the printer is in ink saving mode; 4. The cartridge is aged; 5. The laser is dirty (dust) or aged; 6. The transfer roller is aged or dirty .

Symptom 7: Leaking powder (There are a lot of messy black spots or black blocks on the proofs)

Failure analysis: 1, toner cartridge failure (scraper); 2, toner cartridge full of waste.

Symptom 8: Underscores appear in print samples (vertical feed direction, printed proofs appearing periodic horizontal black lines or black dots)

Fault analysis: 1. The surface of the drum has scratches or scratches; 2. Problems with the fixing assembly (breakage of the fixing film).

Symptom 9:

1. Printed proofs appear white (in the direction of paper feed, printable proofs appear vertical white);

2, vertical feed direction, print proofs appear horizontal white road.

Failure analysis: 1, the laser does not reflect the dirty; 2 toner problem (with foreign matter blocking the cartridge between the normal operation of the components); 3, cartridge problems.

Symptom 10: Cannot be fixed (some or all of the printed content can be erased)

Failure analysis: 1, paper problems (tide); 2, powder problems (model matching); 3, the fuser assembly failure (fusing film rupture); 4, fuser heating assembly failure.

Symptom 11: Paper jams when feeding

Failure analysis: 1, print paper problems (wet, thin or wrinkled); 2, pick roller dirty or worn (paper feed end paper jam); 3, the paper path has obstacles; 4, feed sensor failure; Abrasion of the printer paper pick-up pad in the paper cassette; 6. The paper cassette cannot be lifted up 7: The feed clutch failed.

Symptom 12: Jam on paper exit

Failure analysis: 1, out of the paper sensor failure 2, the fuser assembly failure (fusing paper jam); 3, the paper outlet is blocked by foreign matter

Symptom 13: Jam inside the machine

Failure analysis: 1, the paper in the channel deformation (deformation after the paper); 2, channel paper sensor failure; 3, paper channels have foreign objects or parts deformation.

Symptom 14: Multiple feeds

Failure analysis: 1, pager failure; 2, static reasons.

Symptom 15: Print ghosting

Failure analysis: 1, toner cartridge failure; 2, fixing failure.

Symptom 16: Prints are deep and shallow on one side

Failure analysis: 1, cartridge failure; 2, laser failure; 3, data line failure.

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