Chuchu ceiling apple series product introduction

There are many different series of products for Chuchu Ceiling. This article introduces the products of Chuchu Ceiling Apple series. Understanding it can help you decide whether to buy it. Now let's take a look at this series of Apple products on the ceiling!

[Apple's lighting appliances] Rare earth tri-color high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, low power consumption; and provide cold and warm dual-color light options. The widescreen automatically adapts to the electronic ballast, effectively reducing the current impact, using imported new materials to exquisite cabinet, completely flame retardant; the inner wall of the cabinet is vacuum coated to ensure that the light color is sufficient.

[Apple's ventilating appliances] German VEM technology ball bearing motor, all popular structure design, waterproof and rust-proof; Archimedes spiral curve air duct and porous ventilation structure design, the air exchange volume is increased by 2.5 times; thin alloy sheet wind wheel , Effectively reduce the shear resistance and reduce the ventilation noise.

【Apple's wind heater】 The use of PTC heaters makes the noise smaller and the hot air stronger.

As a high-quality Chuchu ceiling, it has always been welcomed and loved by consumers. The "three grades" of taste, quality, and conduct are the core values ​​that Chu Chu has always adhered to, and they are also the spiritual cornerstone of Chu Chu's strong development.

Since its founding, Chuchu Ceiling has always put the aesthetic, elegant and artistic brand appeal concept into the design and development of the ceiling. This was originally all the specialties of international brands, but it was also perfectly interpreted by Chu Chu. In 2005, Chu Chu exclusively invented Chu Chu art smallpox, which was recognized by the industry as "the creator of Chinese art smallpox".

As far as technology is concerned, Chuchu Ceiling is dedicated to consumers enjoying the safety, comfort and beauty of the kitchen ceiling, abandoning the monotonous sense, denying the crude and simple design, and emphasizing the unique beauty of art. The integrated ceiling is originally a humanized product. Through the integration of various types of ceiling products, Chuchu ceiling not only enhances the original functions, but also makes the product functions diversified and artistic.

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