Classic home style children's ultra-simple storage wardrobe recommended

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] bedroom storage is a learning, using tools to store is a kind of life experience, people who have no experience to choose a wardrobe often only consider the appearance, in fact, the effect is far from the imagination, both consider the price and To consider the appearance, don't miss the two wardrobes below.

Pocket Pearl Wardrobe

All Friends Furniture 101033 Wardrobe

The appearance of this wardrobe gives a smooth feeling, the simple style design, the interior of the wardrobe is divided into different areas such as hanging and storage according to the family storage habits. The upper left side is the storage and hanging area, the lower left side, the upper right side and the lower right side can be Hanging daily clothes, the middle and lower sides are the trousers storage and compartment area. The overall spatial planning is clearer and can be used by a family of three. The wardrobe has many intimate designs, such as the trousers rack for the pull-out type, the bass slide for easy selection of clothes, no need to put your head into the closet, the clothes in the closet, may be too wet, but this closet has vents next to it. It can keep the air inside the cabinet smooth, and the suspension rod is made of aluminum. You don't have to worry about the clothes being too heavy and rusting.

All friends furniture wardrobe

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Pocket Pearl 03C71 Wardrobe

This wardrobe is ingeniously white and smashed into the original wood color. It looks very harmonious at first glance. The storage function of the wardrobe is powerful, and it is easy to realize how to put it. Yitong is used to hang clothes such as blouses, trousers, skirts, etc., to avoid creases in clothing. Because the top position of the closet is relatively high, it is not easy to use when it is placed on the top, and it is generally set as the bedding area to save the season or the excess bedding. The layout is more detailed, and the pants rack and the lattice frame are equipped with slide rails for easy access to clothes.

Cartoon Series Key Chain

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Cartoon Series Key Chain

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Cartoon Series Key Chain

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