Color change season fight overall wardrobe design makes love

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] Every time I change the season, I feel that the whole wardrobe is out of the way, there are wood! In fact, this is often a problem with the color matching between the wardrobe and the room, resulting in visual fatigue. Today, China Wardrobe Network recommends 4 wardrobe colors for everyone, classic yet trendy, and you don’t have to worry about changing seasons.

Grass green + white

Overall wardrobe design

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The overall wardrobe with powerful functions, the beige wardrobe makes the bedroom look fresh and refreshing, with the grass green and the vitality of the whole bedroom is filled with fairytale colors.

Brown + beige

Overall wardrobe color

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The solemn and elegant brown wardrobe, the sliding door design, and the display function. The trees on the door panel are decorated with individuality, the wall is brushed with warm beige, and the brown wardrobe forms a contrasting effect of warm and warm colors.

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