Deviated small opening and easy to pull bottle cap

[Patent Name] Deviated small opening and easy-opening bottle cap [Applicant] Ma Hongfei [Inventor] Ma Hongfei [Main Applicant Address] 200042, 1288 Lane, Kangding Road, Shanghai, China [Application Number] 200520039260.6
【 Application Date 】 2005.01.26
[Examination and announcement number] 2767355
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.03.29
[Main classification number] B65D41/32(2006.01)I
[Category] B65D41/32(2006.01)I
【Sovereignty Items】 1. A small, loose-opening, easy-to-draw bottle cap, which includes a crown-shaped cap body and a pull ring with a circular top surface and skirt teeth around the top, and the top surface of the cover is provided with a mouth opening. The pull ring is riveted and fixed on the top surface of the cover, characterized in that the opening is an easy-to-open engraved line, including a first straight line segment extending from a point on the cover top plane to the bottom edge of the crown-shaped skirt tooth, and The straight line segment forms a second straight line segment connected to the top plane of the cap and an arc segment connected to the second line segment at an acute angle. The range of the included angle α between the first line segment and the second line segment is 2°≤ α ≤ 45°, the first straight section and the second straight section are arc-connected at the intersection point, and the riveting point of the pull ring and the opening point of the opening are located at the center of the arc, and the length of the opening is less than The radius D/2 of the periphery of the bottom edge of the skirt is greater than the difference between the radius D/2 of the circumference of the skirt's bottom edge and the radius d/2 of the crown's circular plane.
[Instructions CD-ROM] D0613-2
【Abstracts】 The utility model discloses a deviation type small opening and easy-pulling bottle cap, which uses the principle of small deviation and small opening angle to control and reduce the opening force of the crown cap so that the easy-to-open lid can withstand pressure. , but also cover the purpose of light and convenient and easy to pull open. The utility model comprises a crown-shaped cap body with a cap top plane and a skirt tooth on the periphery, and a pull ring. The cap top surface is provided with a small opening angle of 2° ≤ α ≤ 45° and the opening length. The radius D/2, which is smaller than the circumference of the skirt's bottom outer edge, is greater than the difference between the radius D/2 of the skirt's bottom outer edge circumference and the radius d/2 of the top plane of the cap top. The utility model has the following advantages: the opening force of the easy-pulling bottle cap is reduced, and the opening force of the easy-pulling bottle cap is reduced by more than 25%. It can realize the purpose of easily and conveniently opening the bottle cap without any opening appliance and promote the marketization of the product.
【 Agency 】 Zhongyuan Xinda Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. [Agent] Luo Dazhao

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