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* When RGB is converted to CMYK in PHOTOSHOP, some colors such as blue change more obviously. How to deal with this situation?

Some vivid colors in the RGB mode image, such as blue, will have a noticeable color change on the screen when the color separation operation RGB to CMYK is high if the color saturation thereof is high. The original bright blue suddenly turned into a greyish dull colour. This is because these blue colors have exceeded the color gamut of CMYK. This is because the color gamut of RGB is larger than the color gamut of CMYK. That is to say, some ambiguities that can be expressed in the RGB color mode are beyond the color range that CMYK can express after converting to CMYK. These colors can only be used. Similar color alternatives. When this happens, you should adjust the colors as bright as possible to make the colors more pure. If the blue R150G180B255 color separation is C36%M31%Y0%K0%, the color is biased towards purple, and the M content is higher. In order to be close to the color separation before the color separation, the Selective Color can be adjusted to change it to C36%M21%. Y0%K0%, the color ratio of C36%M30%Y0%K0% is closer to R150G180B255.

* What kind of pattern is best for the color mode when making color inkjet images?

The ink used in color ink jet printers and inkjet printers is generally made of dyes as the color material. Its color is brighter, its saturation is also higher, and the color gamut is also wider than the printing ink. The pigments of inks are usually pigments, no dyes are so brilliant, and the color gamut is smaller than that of the dyes. Therefore, it is recommended to use the RGB color mode for better expression when creating images for color inkjet or color inkjet printer output. Use this mode to print colors with a little more color. If the color separation is CMYK mode, the printing color is basically the range of the printing ink color gamut, and some colors that are supposed to be very vivid and saturated will not be reflected.

* Why does the image need to have an image file format? There are several image file formats that are commonly involved in prepress. What are their natures?

The image file format determines what type of information should be stored in the file, how the file is compatible with various application software, and how the file exchanges data with other files. Since there are many image formats, the format of the image should be determined based on the use of the image.

TIFF format: TIFF is a tagged image file used to save the image composed of color channels. Its biggest advantage is that the image is not limited by the operating platform. It can be used universally regardless of PC, MAC or UNIX. It can save alpha channels and can store data in a file.

EPS Format: The EPS format is used for printing and printing. Duotone information can be saved, Alpha channels can be stored, and path and screen information can be stored.

GIF is an 8-bit format that can only express 256 colors. It is a common format for network communication.

PSD mainly functions as an intermediate transition of image files to save the channels and layers of images for later modification. The format is so poor that only Photoshop can use it, and few other applications support it.

JPEG is not only a file format, but also a compression method. This compression is destructive, and the damage is as infrequent as the size of the hidden ones, and some are small enough to be discerned by the human eye.

Source: Beijing Hope Electronic Publishing House

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