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In the hot summer, you should choose a refreshing moisturizing lotion to take care of your skin to the best condition, and avoid problems such as oily acne, and make your daily mood feel refreshed and happy.

Pick your own lotion

Different skin types, the skin needs to be solved urgently, so the emulsion that others use is not necessarily suitable for you. Even if the age is similar, the "muscle age" in different environments will be different, so skin care should be based on yourself. The state of the skin is chosen to suit your own products and methods.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

Non-oily neutral muscle

Suggestion: Your skin is a healthy neutral muscle. Because of proper care, the moisture and oil in the skin are kept in a state of humidity. However, in the dry season, the skin occasionally has water shortage. You only need to choose the basic skin lotion with moisturizing effect to make the skin achieve ideal moisturization.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

Bomei Brightening Whitening Lotion

It is a cost-effective whitening spot product. The translucent emulsion is very moist and smooth, and it is very skin-friendly. It is quickly absorbed by the skin, refreshing and not greasy. Its whitening is good, it can inhibit the formation of melanin, and the moisturizing effect is also good. It can whiten the skin while moisturizing the skin.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

T-zone greasy mixed muscle

Suggestion: It's fine in autumn and winter, but in spring and summer, your skin is a bit too greasy. At the same time, due to the strong secretion of oil, in order to make up for the lack of water, sebaceous glands continuously secrete oil, resulting in excess oil. Therefore, you need to choose a light and refreshing hydrating lotion to control the moisture content of the skin while controlling the proper secretion.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

Dream makeup water surplus

The texture of the dream makeup water purifying gel is very refreshing. After the test, the lotion is very moist, can flow on the surface of the skin, and is easy to spread. It can be instantly dissolved into water and absorbed by the skin, and the skin feels. It is cool and refreshing, and it can bring coolness when used in the heat. The moisturizing effect of the lotion is also good, it can keep the skin locked in moisture, restore the balance of water and oil, and the oil shines.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

Cheek-tight dry muscle

Recommendation: Your skin is in a state of water shortage for a long time. At the same time, because your sebum secretion is low, the skin's own defense function is weak. In order to improve the skin condition, you can choose high-permeability lead-free essence with a deep moisturizing lotion. The former helps to open the skin absorption channel and promote the absorption of subsequent maintenance. The latter can lock the moisture while hydrating, so as to avoid The drying condition deteriorated.

Greasy cream quickly walks away

Vichy Mineral Moisturizing Serum

The most satisfying of Vichy Mineral Moisturizing Essence is the powerful moisturizing effect and the ability to soothe the skin. The transparent gel-like texture gives the dry skin a cool and soothing effect. It is quickly absorbed by the skin after application. It is refreshing and not greasy. After use, the skin is full of moisture and smooth, and its excellent moisturizing and soothing effect is very suitable for dry sensitive MM.

Pick the lotion and look for the beauty ingredients below.

Choose a highly effective and refreshing moisturizing lotion . Understand the effective skin ingredients that our skin needs. Although we don't have the two brushes that professional formulators have to know, we can still identify the right ones with some simple words. Refreshing beauty lotion.

Sodium hyaluronate: Hyaluronic acid is an excellent moisturizer that absorbs moisture from skin care products and the dermis layer into the epidermis, while forming a water-locking film that maintains the skin's natural sealing ability and avoids moisture. Evaporation and loss. >>> Damp rainy season skin care essential refreshing non-sticky products

Ceramide: It is the most important component of interstitial cells. It can strengthen the tight arrangement between cells. It can repair the skin from the barrier function, let the skin enter the active moisturizing state, and also can resist the early marks and keep the skin. elasticity.

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