Halloween makeup essential orange lipstick

Halloween makeup essential orange lipstick
This weekend is Halloween. There are yellow orange and orange pumpkin decorations everywhere. The makeup people on the Internet have also made their own Halloween makeup, all kinds of thrilling fun. As an ordinary person, not a dazzling skill, just want to draw a quiet and "friendly" some Halloween makeup, what should I do? Choose an orange lipstick for the scene.
1.LB lip and cheek dual summer orange 700 yen
Many people think that the cute pumpkin color will make people yellow. In fact, orange is a kind of sunshine, youthful and fashionable color. It is not only suitable for lips, but also suitable for making blush. It is the first recommendation for everyone to use both lips and cheeks. series.
2.canmake lip balm NO.02 (Apple Mango Parfait)) 600 yen
Contains moisturizing ingredients to make the skin look moisturized, and protects the skin while applying makeup. The creamy texture is higher in gloss than the powder, giving the skin a smooth, supple feel; and it is not easy to lose makeup.
1 blush
Use your fingertips to smear the lower part of your eyes. In order to make it better for the skin to fit, use your fingertips to smudge the cheeks a little bit, showing a shiny cheek.
2 lipstick
The color extends a little from the center of the lip to the outside. In order to make the skin fit better, first smudge the outline from the center of the lip, and the matte lip makeup is completed☆
3. Shu Uemura ice cream lip cheek cream AT03 220 yuan
The texture of the revolutionary innovative creamy ice cream makes the lips full of delicate dewdrop makeup. The natural luster of the cheeks blends easily with the semi-matte lips. Whether it is strong or soft, it is formed at the fingertips.
4.YSL Saint Laurent sweet kiss lip cheek cream 04 320 yuan
Blending blush and lip gloss two technologies, through the exclusive "invisible pearl brush head, soft elastic beads can smudge the lips and cheeks, creating a kiss like a second, the next second blush cheeks Dual use color.

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