High-precision quick adjustment device for offset press feeder

Patent name: high-precision and quick-adjusting device for offset press feeder Patent Application No. 5 Publication No.: 2627571
Application Date: 2003.09.10 Public Day: 2004.10.13
Applicant: He Lifeng High-precision and quick-positioning device of the paper feeder of the offset press. The inner shaft is nested in the shaft hole of the outer shaft. One end of the inner shaft of the S is connected with the paper feeder of the offset press; the inner disk is fixed on the outer shaft. The outer disk and the other end of the inner shaft are connected to the outer surface of the outer shaft to open a plant along the center of the heart. The screw passes through the inner wall and is fixedly connected with the inner wall; the inner periphery of the inner wall of the inner wall is provided with a pointer corresponding to the inner disk scale; the outer disk and the inner wall There is a drive connecting device between the shafts. Loosen the fixing screws when the machine is stopped. Turn the outer plate to rotate the inner shaft so that the relative position of the inner shaft and the outer shaft changes. This changes the relative movement time of the pusher and realizes the adjustment of the world. Inside. The outer disc is equipped with a relative scale to make the rotation accurate. The utility model is simple in structure and overcomes the problems that the original adjustment efficiency is not high, the inaccurate repeated shutdown and adjustment work, and the big problem.

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