Home sales market detonated in advance, May 1 promotion wave focused on value-added services

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Recently, when reporters visited homes such as Real Home, Red Star Macalline, Wangde House, Sanxiang·Jiamei and other home stores, they found that before the “May 1st” was officially launched, different forms of promotional activities frequently sounded at home stores. So that the major stores are very popular. Insiders analyzed that from the Ching Ming Festival, this year's promotion war began to become fierce. At the same time as warming up in advance, the home store detonated this year's "May 1" promotion wave.

Promotions are staged at home stores

A number of home marketers said that since the "May 1" Golden Week was cancelled, the seven-day long holiday became three days, diluting the sales performance of the business in May. Without Golden Week, how to start the consumer's desire to buy is a problem for many stores. Therefore, many stores began to warm up early this year, launching various forms of promotional activities. For two days this weekend, the large-scale creative experiential marketing campaign - "Happy Family" will be located in Changsha Red Star Macalline. At the event site, consumers can enjoy a variety of creative home projects without a purchase and a free pass.

The reporter found that the merchants are full of enthusiasm and expectation for the upcoming "May 1" holiday. In addition to special promotions, many merchants in the major home stores are still preparing for the arrival of new products, in order to seize more shares in the "May 1" gold market.

Home store popular value-added services

During the visit, the reporter learned that value-added marketing services are quietly emerging in the home store industry. For example, Wangde House opened a design center area on the day of the 100 brand quality alliance promotion activities, and purchased more than 5 consumers of the alliance group purchase brand. The designer of the Wangde House Home Design Center will analyze the whole house type and the whole room. Yuan decoration design experience, including door-to-door volume, professional design, fine budget, full-time shopping guide, quality distribution, construction guidance, site acceptance, soft-fit matching, nine value-added services after the whole process. The Nanhu Great Market has set up three service centers to deal with customer consultation complaints, shopping guide guidelines, and market-wide bargain promotion activities. In the future, when the conditions are ripe, the service tentacles will also extend to the distribution of goods.

In fact, the home of the home, Red Star Macalline and so on also recently launched a value-added service for customers, not only have "members", "VIP" and other symbolic services, the major home stores have added a lot of service content. For the various value-added services promoted by these home building materials industries, consumers not only fully feel the "customer first" service concept, but also get more real benefits from it.

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