Honey bottle will leave the human path

Spring blossoms are another busy season for bees. Honey is nature's most natural and best nutritional supplement. There are different types of honey, including buckwheat nectar, sunflower honey, corn nectar, pear nectar, girlfriends honey and so on. The efficacy of each honey is not the same.

If you are not a professional, you will not know its efficacy and type at all. However, for ordinary consumers with different needs, manufacturers will need to make corresponding annotations.

Personally think that manufacturers can start from the honey bottle, the honey brewed for different pollen can design the honey bottle according to the corresponding color and shape of the pollen. For customers of different ages: children's honey can use children's toy-type honey bottle, honey for the elderly, the honey bottle can be slightly larger font.
Rely on the shape to identify the type of use and the appropriate population is more humane. At present, the pressure of market competition is large, and only the design is more reasonable than the human. More humane can win the corresponding market.

Side Gusset Pouch is also named side sealing bag. You can see them in the coffee and tea section. It always has 4 sides, front, back, 2 side gussets. It usually made of PET+AL+LDPE, BOPP matte+AL+LDPE, PET+metal foil layer + LDPE, 2or 3 or 4 layers laminated materials. It has a wonderful appearance, good barrier performance, eco-friendly and practical. Our side gusset pouches have widely used to Coffee, tea, food, pet food, dairy, non-food products, and etc.

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Side Gusset Pouch

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