Hotel firefighting leader?? Hunan Changsha Jinjiang Xinxiang Hotel created a new model for fire management

1=SimSun Hotel cooperates with the fire department to carry out safety system testing.

A few days ago, the author witnessed this test at Jinjiang Xinxiang Hotel, and could not help but be interested in the human-oriented human-oriented fire safety management of fire safety in hotels. According to Zhou Jie, deputy general manager in charge of hotel safety management, the computer song song 0 system is linked with the fire alarm system. It is the spirit of the hotel to implement the Ministry of Public Security's No. 61 order, and fully implement the enterprise fire safety responsibility system. Developed by computer professionals, it has strong practical value. After the hotel was opened, it was fully affirmed and praised by the fire brigade brigade and other relevant departments.

According to the management model of Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel, the hotel has set up a fire safety committee, and formulated a step-by-step fire safety responsibility system with the general manager as the director. The hotel organization and various departments have signed a responsibility letter for the prevention and control of the target, and they are managed at different levels. , establish a hotel to department, department to team, team to individual level fire responsibility system. Since the opening of the hotel, the fire protection work has been directly affirmed and praised by the superior fire department. In September 2002, the hotel was rated as a key fire protection project in Changsha.

At the same time, Jinjiang Xinxiang Hotel pays more attention to improving the overall fire protection knowledge and fire fighting skills of employees. According to the requirements of the hotel and the superior fire department, new employees must be trained in comprehensive fire protection knowledge before they can pass the examination. At present, the participation rate of hotel fire training is 100, the training pass rate is above 95, and the important positions of important work types are trained according to the requirements of the municipal fire department of the municipal fire department. Since its opening, the hotel has participated in many safety knowledge trainings organized by the Municipal Fire Protection Detachment Public Security Bureau. The number of trainees is over 80. The hotel will formulate a fire training plan every month according to each department, conduct special fire service knowledge training for the volunteer fire brigade members of each department, organize practical exercises of the whole store staff every quarter, watch the fire video recordings, and pass the series of work and measures. So that every employee has firmly established that there is no fire safety, there is no sense of normal operation of the hotel.

In order to improve the fire safety management, the hotel will conduct monthly fire safety inspections by the heads of various departments to implement various fire safety responsibility systems and safety operation procedures. If any safety hazards are found during the inspection, all departments are required immediately. Start rectification and completely eliminate fire hazards. The security department's internal security patrols more than 15 times per day according to regulations. The key security posts in each department are equipped with daily safety inspection records. The on-duty personnel check and register, find out who is responsible, and who is responsible for the fire safety work.

In order to check the patrol in place, the hotel also took the lead in the use of patrols in the Changsha hotel industry, and other advanced equipment. The patrol position meter is a new type of digital patrol system. This digital patrol system can accurately control the patrol time of security personnel to inspect the route, which can improve the management quality and reduce the management workload. The system is simple and quick to use, and the data is clear and clear, so that the inspection work can improve work efficiency and management level through scientific and rigorous management system.

The digital patrol system adopts the touch-type storage technology of the US 0443 company; Memory, also known as the TM card reading and writing technology automatic control technology and computer communication technology, and is designed for the practical experience of domestic inspection work. When patrolling, the inspector only needs to gently touch the patrol stick with the inspection points distributed in the property or each designated area to store information such as where someone is patrolling at a certain time. The data stored in the patrol stick can be printed by the printer through the computer, and then the inspection report or computer document can be printed out. The data can be transmitted to the patrol management center through the telephone line or the network, or directly connected to the Chinese and English through the controller. The printer prints out the patrol inspections.

The application of the patrol system has promoted the characteristics of the Jinjiang management model and further reflected the hotel's support and attention to fire protection work. 0

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