How is the gas stove automatically turned off?

All along, the safe use of home appliances has always been a matter of great concern to everyone, but as a frequent occurrence of gas in daily life, the situation of automatic flameout is indeed difficult to guarantee that it will never happen. Don’t worry, today’s decoration home decoration Net Xiaobian will tell you about the automatic flameout of gas stoves , let everyone grasp the problem and help everyone solve the problem.

Gas stove maintenance inspection steps

1. Initial inspection of the cause of automatic flameout of gas stove

After encountering the situation that the gas stove is automatically turned off, first check whether the connecting hose is flattened or bent, if it is not folded or bent; secondly, check if the burning flame is too weak, if it does not reach the burner, The gas pressure is too low. Users who use liquefied gas stoves are advised to replace the new pressure reducing valve. Coal gas and natural gas can be consulted by the gas supply company.


2. Gas stoves automatically turn off the cause of the fire

First, you can replace the battery, and then look at the broken side, the flame in the middle can not burn the probe, because only the probe can be burned to fix the fire. Secondly, to ensure the continuous combustion, the gas stove can ensure the smoothness of the feedback circuit. The feedback mechanism of the gas stove is set in the place where the flame can be directly burned. When the flame is normal, the feedback loop will provide the pulser with the signal of continuous gas supply. Otherwise, The pulser will close the solenoid valve.

3. The gas stove automatically extinguishes the cause of special concern

Nowadays, many gas stoves are equipped with automatic protection devices. Usually, such gas stoves are equipped with a solenoid valve at the intake pipe. When the fire is on fire, the mechanical mechanism will interlock the solenoid valve switch to make the solenoid valve work, so that the gas is It can be provided normally. When the gas stove is extinguished due to wind, overflow pot, etc., the ionization probe next to the combustion head of the gas stove cannot "pick up" the ionization signal of the flame, so the protection circuit is activated and the gas solenoid valve is released. To turn off the gas.


Gas stove repair and maintenance skills

1. The oil stain generated after the gas stove is used for a period of time not only affects the hygiene but also easily blocks the gas stove. Therefore, the gas stove should be cleaned regularly.

2, looking for a professional to repair the regular use of foaming agent to check the gas stove and air supply system air tightness.

3. Clean the stove tiles. Use a discarded candle head, the surface of the candle is smooth, even if there is oil on it, as long as the ordinary detergent is lightly rubbed with water, gently apply the seam of each tile, first along the seam Apply in the direction, apply it again after painting, and make sure the thickness of the candle is the same as the thickness of the tile.

4. Deep cleansing method for the cooktop.

Mix two tablespoons of white vinegar with 200 ml of warm water, then use a sponge and an environmentally-friendly loofah to pick up the "hot vinegar" to clean the stainless steel cooktop, which will make it bright and new.

The above-mentioned decoration home decoration network Xiaobian introduced the gas stove flameout is how it is going, as well as some methods of repair and maintenance, everyone remember? For gas stoves, we must pay more attention to its maintenance, so we will use Smooth, make delicious meals!

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