How to paint colorful environmental protection wall

Paint is one of the most commonly used materials for home decoration. The quality of paint directly affects the home environment. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good paint brand. Friends who don't know often make trouble when buying. Carboline is a well-known domestic paint brand. How about Carboline paint ? Today, I will come with you to understand how Carboli paints !

How about the Carboline paint , which was founded in the 1990s, has a certain history, and has been focusing on the professional production of paints and coatings during many years of development, integrating R & D. Production and sales are integrated, and since its creation, Carboline has advocated the production of environmentally friendly coatings, and strives to be an environmental advocate and practitioner in all aspects.

In order to ensure the birth of green and environmentally friendly coatings, and to ensure that healthy and green product coatings are delivered to customer service and constructors, under this core goal, Jiabaoli is now ranked in the "Global Top Coatings Ranking". China's number one status ranks among the world's top 50, and has been successively recognized as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Enterprise Technology Center", and "National Accredited Laboratory".

How about the Carboline paint , the Carboline paint series products include interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, decoration wood paint, furniture paint, industrial paint and many other products, and its products have obtained a number of national and provincial scientific and technological achievements identification , The whole line of products has passed the certification of China Environmental Label. Relying on advanced technology, Jia Baoli took the lead in developing the BB oxygen bar children's special paint series in China, becoming the only domestic paint company that can provide a full range of children's environmental protection special paint, and its position in the domestic children's paint market cannot be shaken.

How about the Carboline paints? The Carboline home improvement wood lacquer series products use high-quality imported raw materials, adopt international advanced production equipment and technical formula production, and all the products have passed the national mandatory 3C product certification, which meets the indoor decoration and decoration limit standards. For many years, because of its stable quality and excellent paint film effect, it is popular with consumers. The beautiful door series products are recognized as the most environmentally friendly oily wood lacquers on the market because of the choice of benzene-free thinner and non-toxic curing agent. product.

How about the Carboline paint , Carboline has long been committed to the research and development of green and environmentally friendly coatings, with the responsibility of creating a "healthy life color" for consumers, and its products have always maintained the leading level in the coatings industry. In 2011, Carboli successfully ranked among the top 41 paints in the world and the top 12 paints in Asia-Pacific as the number one in China, breaking the history that no Chinese company has entered the top 50 paints in the world.

I will introduce this about the Carboli paint . I hope to help you. More decoration information is available on this website, so stay tuned.

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