i. materialise supports iOS user 3D printing

Many times, we want to print a file, but this file exists on our iOS device and can't connect to the 3D printing service soft platform like i.materialise. In particular, some architects, engineers or students often face such dilemmas. With this in mind, i.materialise now integrates iOS and Dropbox, allowing files to be uploaded directly from iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Dropbox integration software allows iOS users to upload 3D printed files to i. materialise/3D printable pages. The rest is to choose the printing materials and colors. i. materialise can provide a variety of printing materials, and finally print the order.

Baby Bag

Baby Bags are becoming more and more popular as regular items for babies and parents. Whether it is a long-distance travel or a short trip, Diaper Bag provides important convenience for babies and parents. The popularity of diaper bags has caused new parents to pay more attention to infant travel, not only psychologically but also physical changes, with great significance.

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