Ink consistency self-control

Insufficient consistency of the ink will make the ink on the prints produce blemishes, affect the screen printing effect, resulting in waste, causing waste; if the ink thick consistency, it will affect the ability of the ink through the mesh, resulting in screen printing Workmanship is difficult, or uneven ink on the surface of the print, or thick or thin, affect the quality.

So you want to control the ink consistency.

According to actual operating experience, in addition to special equipment, we can use self-judgment ink consistency method to effectively control its consistency in the screen printing process, thus improving the overall quality of printed products.

The method is as follows:

Select a wooden stick (such as chopsticks, etc.) and after stirring the ink for about 5 minutes, lift it out of the ink side and you will see that the ink sticking on the stick starts to trickle down.

If it is more mobile, it proves that it is too thin. It should be made thicker by increasing the amount of solid matter in the ink; if it is less fluid, it is proved to be too thick. It should be increased by adding an appropriate amount of dilution. The agent method is used to make it thinner. Under normal circumstances, if the ink flows more uniformly when dropped, it is basically a thin line evenly falling, then it is basically suitable for you.

The key is to practice, you may wish to try to summarize a good method for you.

Source: China Silk Screen Professional Network

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