Inkjet print head and inkjet printer having the same

Inventive Name: Ink Jet Print Head and Ink Jet Printer Having the Inkjet Print Head Patent Application Number Abstract: The ink jet print head of the present invention has a flow path unit that communicates one end thereof with a nozzle that ejects ink. A plurality of pressure chambers communicated at the other end with the ink supply base block are disposed adjacent to each other along a plane, and include a plurality of stacked plate materials. The actuator unit is disposed on the surface of the flow path unit to change the volume of the pressure chamber. . In addition, the ink jet print head further includes a flexible printed wiring board, a plurality of signal lines connected to the execution unit to change the volume of the pressure chamber to form a conductive pattern, and a support member for supporting the print head unit has The ink supply member and the holder for fixing the ink supply member and the seal member are disposed between the portion near the end of the flow path unit and the holder. A flexible printed wiring board including a conductor portion for connecting the actuator unit to the driver IC is fixed to the holder, which is a portion near the end portion of the flow path unit and a part of the support member. In addition, in the nozzle plate having the nozzle, a plurality of protrusions are provided in the longitudinal direction thereof, and the protrusions are bent toward the side of the bracket.

Kraft paper box a kind of paper box with brown paper. The surface of box usually use brown and white for bottom color. It contain electronic products , wine and tea .There are surface finishings can be used as follow: printing, lamination, hot stamping and embossing. Surface printing by custom artwork is available.
Advantages of Kraft paper box  
1) custom artwork
2) contain electronic and wine
3) Easy to open
4) brown paper

Description of Kraft paper box
Material: cardboard, coated paper.
Surface: printing, matt lamination.
Packaging: 1PC/Polybag, for carton
Payment: T/T, L/C,D/P, Western union

 Kraft paper box

Top and bottom gift box

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