Introduction of value-added printing and printing process 5: Analysis of process of packaging value-added printing proofs

Use equipment: Roland 700LTTLV five-color sheetfed offset press.

Technical support: Bost (molding equipment), eltosch, Esko (printing 3D visualization technology), Sun Chemical (ink), Manroland (printing equipment), Merck, M-real (paper), Chur Here, Offenhuichuan, GrebeGroup, HAMMESFAHR, h + m, MARBACH, reproflex, UPCODE.

Printing process introduction:

â‘ . Coated with SENOLITH WB EFFECT COATING GOLD LUSTRE 305 spot color varnish 350983 (color card provided by WEILBURGER image, bright gold pigment provided by Merck);

â‘¡. Use SENOLITH WB PRIMER STAMPABLE bright varnish 350520 coating (color card provided by WEILBURGER image);

â‘¢. Use SunPak LMQ original yellow LMP26 spot color ink (sun chemical ink supply);

â‘£.Use SunPak LMQ magenta LMP27 spot color ink for printing (sun chemical ink supply);

⑤. Use SunPak LMQ cyan LMP25 spot ink for printing (sun chemical ink supply);

â‘¥. Use SunPak LMQ special black LMP46 special color ink printing (sun chemical ink supply);

⑦. Use SENOLITH WB EFFECT PRIMER PEARLESCENT 6103 LA 8-22 / 067 A pearlescent oil for offline pre-coating (WEILBURGER image provides color card, Merck provides Icy White Pigment);

⑧. Use Hinderer & Muhlich molding equipment for local indentation treatment (Boost provides molding equipment).

Printed materials and effects:

â‘ . EskoArtwork provides 3D visualization technology of printed products;

â‘¡. M-real provides Carta Elega 255g / m2 cardboard for boxes.

UV Flatbed Printer a3 is suitable for printing various plastic materials.(such as ABS,PC,PE,PP,PU,PVC,etc),acrylic,metal sheet,wooden board,Plexiglass,crystal,copper paper,tile,billboard,leather.

More detail:

1. The height-detecting sensor adopts precise optical fiber technology, easy operation & simple production.

2. Directly print on phone cases, powerbanl,ball pens, golf balls, key chains, acrylic,crystal, glass, wood
board, aluminium, metal nameplate, leather, Plastic of PVC, PP, PE, PU and so on.

3. Size breakthrough, mini size flatbed printer with uncoating ink, low operation cost, best choice to start a
new business or customized print jobs.

UV flatbed printer

UV flatbed printer
Print head
Printer size
Printing speed
A4 photo/111s
Printng resolution
Net weight/Gross weight
Printer size
Height adjustment
Working power
110V/220V   50/60Hz    30-75W
Operation system
Windows 7/XP/2000/Vista etc

UV Flatbed Printer

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