Japan developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning tiles

Tokyo, Japan, has successfully developed self-cleaning glass and self-cleaning tiles in the laboratory. There is a thin layer of nano-TiO2 on the surface. Under the irradiation of light, any substance that adheres to the surface, including oil, bacteria, etc., due to the catalytic effect of nano-TiO2, these hydrocarbons are further oxidized into gas or easily rubbed. Lost substance. TiO2 can be used to make packaging containers, food machinery boxes and production plants.

The film is a non - stretch and non - directional thin film produced by the melt salivation.

There are two ways of single layer salivation and multi - layer co-salivation.Compared with blown film, it is characterized by high production speed and high yield.At the same time, because it is the follow-up process of flat extrusion film, such as printing, compound and so on are extremely convenient, thus widely used in food, medical supplies, textiles, flowers, daily necessities packaging.

Bicolor PE Film

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