Jingdong Crowdfunding Investment Director Yang Baoli: Talk about what I know about crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding | Experience

This issue of guests and topics, the eighth issue of 2016, the total 54th

Sticking to and adhering to the character is commendable, but when the company achieves a certain degree, more funds and more foreign aid will accelerate the growth of the company and achieve its goal faster. This time, Rui's meeting room we had the honour to invite Jingdong Crowdfunding Investment Director, Yang Baoli, the head of the institute. Last year, Jingdong Finance had altogether more than 80 projects. At present, most of the progress is good. Related to outdoor and running such as: Orion, love activities, driving China and so on.


Mr. Yang Baoli has nearly 10 years of capital market research, investment experience, and 4 years of experience in investment and financing management of large listed companies.

Ms. Yang Baoli joined Jingdong Financial in 2014 and is responsible for the establishment and operation of Jingdong Financial Crowdfunding Research Institute. His previous work experience covers primary and secondary market investment, financing, M&A of large-scale listed companies, etc. He has extensive research and management of investment financing. Experience, deep understanding of investment strategy, industry research, project screening.

Bao Li Bolly said:

The radicalization of the Internet business model has increased the degree of prudence of investment institutions when the market is cold. Nowadays, the business model of Internet companies has become more and more radical. Especially after the hot-blooded O2O model, the finances of many start-up companies cannot be balanced, relying on VC money to support them.

On the whole, future interest rates may be trending down, and the attractiveness of fixed-income asset allocation is declining. Under such circumstances, it is a general trend to increase the allocation of equity and the equity category can best benefit from reform and transformation.
We have done a lot of data statistics and research and found an interesting phenomenon: the investment returns of funds booked during the winter period are on average higher than the 2 to 3 times that of the investment.

This interesting phenomenon shows that during the winter period, most investors will change their habits of spreading the net when they are high, choose the best for the project they want to invest in, and the valuation of the project itself will become cheaper, so the average rate of return on investment at this time It is higher.

Experience: 10 years of capital market research, investment experience, 4 years of experience in investment and financing of large listed companies

Time: March 16, 2016, 8:00 - 10:00
Venue: Rui's meeting room Wechat group group plus host WeChat: ohoneone

You will get to the following:
1. Who am I? what did I do?
2. What is equity crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding is suitable for a company or a project?
3. Various crowdfunding platforms and how to choose a crowdfunding platform
4. Why does Jingdong do crowdfunding? What's the difference between its crowdfunding platform? What are the conditions for the Jingdong Equity Crowdfunding Project?
5. Some risks arising from the brand's participation in the process and attention of Jingdong crowdfunding
6. What aspects of the investment perspective of the investor perspective will be considered and the current investment hotspot?

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