Kendia Floor Star-Evaluation of Milan Landscape Series

Kendia flooring, which is highly trusted by consumers, has many honors, such as "Chinese Famous Brand", "National High-tech Enterprise", and "Exemption from Export", etc. So what is the quality of Kendia flooring? seeing is believing. Today, let's check the Milan landscape series of Kendia floor!

Kendia Floor Evaluation

Evaluation Brand Kendiya Flooring

Evaluation product Milan landscape series

Kendia Floor Milan Landscape Series

This Milan scenery series adopts a stylish design concept based on traditional craftsmanship, and the floor surface is treated with hot brushed surface. The printed surface can be customized according to customer needs. Suitable for floor paving of villas and engineering projects. This Milan landscape series adopts a stylish design concept based on traditional craftsmanship. The product takes Milan's dreamy beauty as the background, shows the urban romantic feelings, and incorporates carbon carving and brushing techniques in the production, highlighting the unique artistic personality of the floor. .

Kendiya Flooring integrates the honors of "Chinese Famous Brand", "National High-tech Enterprise", "Export Exemption" and so on. The products are exported to overseas markets, and are highly recognized by consumers in international markets such as North America, South America, Australia, and Southeast Asia. Use quality and word of mouth to speak for yourself!

The size of Kendia floor evaluation

This floor adopts 1860 * 190mm specifications, and the skin is 3.0mm thick, which is thicker than the normal board. As a responsible large-scale enterprise, Kendia always takes every floor seriously, treats every customer seriously, and puts product quality and consumer needs first.

The surface of Kendia floor evaluation

The surface is treated with hot brushed surface. The printed surface can be customized according to customer needs. Suitable for floor paving of villas and engineering projects.

Scratch resistance of Kendia floor evaluation

The evaluator learned that the Milan landscape series floor lacquer surface is added with a scratch-resistant and plug-resistant factor crystalline substance, so you don't have to be careful about scratching the floor surface with heels and furniture. The scratch resistant factor tempered crystal itself melts into a state of ionic crystal after 1800 degrees, and the hardness after coating into the floor paint is extremely high. Even if you use sharp scissors to scrape the surface back and forth, then close up and observe it in no way.

Kendia has a first-class laboratory certified by a national authority, equipped with an exclusive formaldehyde testing center, using first-class testing equipment and hiring professional testers. The adoption of multi-party product technology applications in floor formaldehyde testing, and maintaining professional cooperation with national authoritative institutions, through consumer product application verification, multiple marketing models and business platform integration marketing practices have verified that Kendia floor is far above the high In accordance with national environmental standards, your life is healthy and sterile

Kendia floor evaluation of wear resistance

Kendiya uses precious wood and highly wear-resistant and highly permeable topcoat as finishing materials. The coating is connected into a unified whole with a six-sided anti-coating process, and a three-dimensional waterproof molecular penetration system is established. At the same time, the surface has excellent Wear-resistant and impact-resistant performance, in a normal environment, timely re-paving can also get new results.

Kendia floor directly introduces 46g aluminum oxide wear-resistant paper high-end wear-resistant paper material for the test link, which greatly improves the accuracy of the floor wear resistance test. The experimental results prove that the wear resistance of Kendia floor reaches the country Above the standard, at the same time, the technical parameters also show that: the higher the wear resistance of the experiment, the higher its own cost, and Kendia adheres to strict quality standards to ensure that high-quality products are presented to the market.

Moisture content of Kendiya floor evaluation

Kendia has undergone strict inspections on each piece of flooring in terms of moisture content, size, and stability. It has completely withstood the destructive test for 65 hours of continuous high temperature for 2000 hours, and it is the best choice for solid wood multi-layer flooring in the home.

The reviewer concluded:

After the actual test by the assessors, we found that Kendiya flooring is in the leading position in the industry in terms of appearance design, material selection and craft production. We also have reason to believe that in the near future, Kendia will not only become a leader in the domestic wooden flooring industry, but also become a famous brand in the international flooring industry.

Kendiya floor brand strength

Jiangsu Kendiya Wood Co., Ltd., Kendiya Flooring, China's Top Ten Flooring Brands, Top Ten Flooring-Laminate Flooring Brands, China Well-known Trademarks, Won China Famous Brand, China's Most Valuable 500 Brand, Jiangsu Famous Brand, A well-known brand in China's wood flooring industry, environmentally-marked certified products, brand products are well-known in the market for quality, a leading brand in the domestic wood flooring industry, and a large modern professional floor production enterprise.

Editor's summary: The review of Kendiya's Milan landscape series is shared here. If you want to know more information, you can pay attention to the information on this website, or go to this website mall to find more favorite products!

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