Log furniture maintenance and maintenance Raiders furniture maintenance measures

Pay attention to the position. Log furniture should be kept away from the dehumidifier and where it can be exposed to the sun.

Avoid liquids that often leave the surface. If the surface of the log furniture is not specially treated, the water, alcohol and other liquids that remain for a long time will leave the furniture with white marks. Therefore, when there is liquid on the surface of the furniture, it must be wiped clean and kept dry.

Regular cleaning and maintenance. Whether the wood furniture you purchase should be maintained by oiling or waxing, you must ask the merchant when buying furniture. If you are using waxing and maintenance furniture, when purchasing wax, it is best to choose a solid wax with a high concentration, which can fill small defects on the furniture.

Small places with more heart

For new furniture, people always have a welcome mood, but in terms of log furniture, there is one more care. Here are some precautions when using log furniture: First, you must clean up your home environment before you come home to log furniture. Once the new furniture is positioned, wipe it with a dry or wet rag. Since the new furniture is ready for all protection measures, such as paint treatment, it is no longer necessary to oil or wax the new furniture. After a period of use, it is recommended to do maintenance work every 2 months. In general, skin care products such as Bi Lizhu are a good choice for wood furniture care products. The method used is to wipe it with a dry cloth, then spray the beads, and then wipe it with a dry cloth.

Pay attention to indoor dry humidity

Some lacquers (gloss finishes, glass lacquers) on the surface of wooden furniture may have cracks on the surface after long-term use, so daily cleaning and maintenance work should not be too lazy. In addition, if the drying process of the wood is not good, it will cause injury to the furniture in the future.

For example, if the wood has too much water content and high humidity, the chance of deformation of the furniture in the future is very high; if it is treated too dry, it is prone to cracking.

Remind everyone that since the log furniture itself has the function of automatically adjusting the humidity, it is not recommended to dehumidify frequently, usually one dehumidification once a month. However, if the vicinity of the home is a wet area, the interval and number of dehumidification should be increased to prevent the furniture from becoming moldy. Special reminder is that the days of blowing the south wind are the days of dehumidification. That is to say, there are many rains in summer and high relative humidity, so it is necessary to dehumidify frequently.

Environmentalists are particular about

Although the furniture is a traditional form of furniture, it still occupies a more important position in the current furniture market. This kind of furniture usually has only one purpose for each piece of furniture. When purchasing set furniture, no matter the shape, color, material workmanship, size ratio and function, it is required to be consistent.

In terms of styling, the main features and process of each piece of furniture are required to be consistent. For example, the shape of the legs of the complete set of furniture must be the same, otherwise it will appear uncoordinated. At the same time, the detailed processing of the furniture is also required to be consistent, such as the handle of the drawer and the cabinet door, the corners of the table, etc., preferably in a relatively uniform shape.

In the paint color, the paint color of a set of furniture must be the same, the paint surface requires rich color, fresh and pleasing to the eye, no foaming, wrinkling, crepe and coloration.

In the work of materials, we must emphasize consistency. Check the frame, panel, side panel and other parts. Similar parts can not be used with plywood, some with fiberboard; or some with decorative panels, some without. In addition, the surface texture is the same, the plywood is not degummed, the rubber is not scattered, the seam is tight, there is no uneven phenomenon, the structure is firm, not loose, no deformation, no cracking, the door is open freely, and the door is tight, but not The cock is up, the drawer is pulled and flexible, and it is in place.

In terms of size ratio, there must be a sense of overallity. Each piece of furniture has a certain proportional relationship according to the habits, and it looks comfortable and pleasing to the eye, so that people do not have an uncoordinated feeling.

In terms of function, because the number of pieces of furniture varies, how many functions are available, but each set of furniture needs to have basic functions of sleeping, sitting, pendulum, writing and storage. If the function is not complete, it will reduce the practicality of the furniture. As for the furniture to be selected, it should be planned according to the size of the living room and the position of the interior doors and windows.

Wood furniture has a unique permeability and absorbency, and it is easy to change the material as the ambient temperature changes. Want to make furniture always bright, long-term use, the usual cleaning and maintenance work is essential, as long as pay attention to the following principles, the maintenance of log furniture can be done easily and simply.

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