Marking line thickness measuring instrument ZJ-STT-950 precautions

标线厚度测定仪 ZJ-STT-950注意事项

Marking line thickness measuring instrument ZJ-STT-950

The main components are composed of digital high-precision dial indicator, thickness measuring mechanism and dial indicator locking screw.

Measuring range: 0-12 mm

Measurement accuracy: 0.01 mm

5.1. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the dial indicator should be zeroed before the measurement;

5.2. In order to ensure the movement of the moving block, the relative position of the moving line should be adjusted before the experiment; at the same time, the surface of the measuring area of ​​the marking line can be cleaned to obtain more realistic data.

5.3. When measuring, please pay attention to the release function of the dial indicator so that it is in the measurement state.

5.4, ​​pay attention to prevent the instrument from falling during the measurement process, so as to avoid damage to the instrument. If there is no measurement for a long time, the battery should be taken out to prolong the service life.

5.5. The intellectual property rights of this instrument are owned by the company, and imitation is strictly prohibited; otherwise, the company will terminate the performance of related maintenance obligations and reserve the right to pursue the law.

1, storage conditions

The instrument and its accessories should be stored in an environment that is dry, clean, vibration-free, flammable, and corrosive.

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