New Business Opportunity: "Small Bottles" Opens up Market

The conventional white liquor capacity is 500ml, the beer is 640ml, and the beverage is mostly 500ml. In the face of diversified markets, the trend of breaking the conventional capacity of beverages has become even more obvious. The 350-milliliter bottle of beer is standing in a prominent position on the shelves of supermarkets and bars. The small “queer” is held by children. In their hands or in the side pockets of the schoolbags, they showed off its "little" popularity. So what about the small bottle of liquor?

Little wine bottle is quietly popular

In some cities in the south, small bottles are more popular.

If you go to Hangzhou, it is not difficult to find that in the local hotel, most people who drink alcohol are each a vial. The best-selling Yilite and Luzhou Laojiao have 250ml, 125ml and other vial specifications, the price is proportional to the large bottle, very popular with consumers. This is related to the local drinking habits. The locals mostly like low-alcohol wines, and they do not drink too much. There is no enthusiasm to persuade them. In addition, there is an advantage to choosing vials that people who drink together can choose different wines.

In Nanchang, there is also a small bottle of wine in the market has outstanding performance, that is, the 100ml vial Linchuan tribute wine. Linchuan Gong is the “image wine” of Nanchang and it is the first choice for people in Nanchang. Most people who come to Nanchang will also taste it. The price of 500ml Linchuan Gong is very high, and the 100ml vial is exquisitely packaged. The price is about 20 yuan. The capacity is small, but it is not bad to come out and treat or taste.

Relatively to the south, the popularity of small bottles of wine in the north is not high, but it has also begun to take shape.

It is understood that in Shijiazhuang 125ml and 250ml “little drunkards” and “Xiaoxiangquan” account for more than 10% of the market share of its various specifications, and other brands such as Du Fuchun’s small bottle of wine are more than 500ml. Conventional volumetric bottles are more popular with consumers.

Due to the gradual transformation of people's concepts and the enhancement of health awareness, the market demand for vials is quietly rising.

In fact, small bottles of liquor have always been in the market, but the market share is very small, compared to the conventional 500ml bottle, can only be considered non-mainstream. In the past, neither the manufacturers nor the merchants paid enough attention to the market development of small bottles of wine.

In the high-end wine market, such as Maotai, Wuliangye, etc. have different specifications of the vials, but the original intention of its development is mostly for the sake of the average consumer can afford the capacity of a small, relatively low price of wine. However, such high-end wines are more of a product that embodies identity status for consumers, and buy them if they buy them. If you buy a vial, it will inevitably be shabby. Therefore, most of the current wine vials appear in the form of regular bottle gifts.

The development of small bottles of wine in the low-end wine market is relatively mature. The most common one is the "cup". This is a kind of white wine with a glass capacity of 130ml, which is usually between 1 and 2 yuan. It is often found in small restaurants or small shops. Because of its low price, small capacity, portability, and ability to serve as a drinking cup after drinking, it has a considerable share in the low-end wine market.

The market for mid-range vials is relatively the most potential for development. Although many liquor brands with good market performance have introduced the corresponding vial type, overall, this part of the market is still a cake that has not been created and needs further development.

The bottle is small and the city is big

Where is the market development direction for small bottles?

First of all, of course, hotels have already shown demand. At present, many people have to name bottles of wine at the hotel, and they can develop more advantageous products based on this, such as a half-acre bottle of wine. The appearance of simplicity and uniqueness has attracted the attention of many consumers. Secondly, the small amount of portable and small bottles of wine will bring more market opportunities. For example, the current drinks on cars, boats, and airplanes are mostly beer and beverages. The reason why liquor is rare is due to the large amount of conventional bottles. Almost no one can drink a large bottle of liquor during a trip, if it is based on the needs of passengers on different modes of transportation. It is not difficult to develop a new market by developing small bottles of white wine that are suitable for factors such as price, quality, degree, and brand, plus a reasonable operation. In addition, we can also look for some unconventional markets. For example, the current night market is dominated by wine and beer, especially small bottles of beer. Since most of the alcoholic drinks in the evening are held by each person holding a beer bottle, conventional liquors are not suitable for such drinking, coupled with fashionable young people or white-collar workers in the evening, and liquor is more a symbol of tradition. It is not entirely impossible for us to develop a low-alcohol, small-capacity, bottle-shaped avant-garde vial of white wine, along with fashion promotions and other promotions. Wine is not all out of flexible packaging products Well, small bottles of liquor in the evening there is nothing wrong?

In fact, the product variety of vial liquor is diversified and it is an extension of its capacity. Product extension is the result of diversification of market demand. For example, some pet bottled liquors extend in the opposite direction with small bottled wines, and such large keg liquors appear to meet the market demand for low prices. For enterprises, product extension is a kind of product portfolio strategy. It can fully utilize the original product reputation, expand market share and sales growth rate, and fill or develop blank markets.

The same is true for dealers. For example, the original sales network is stable, and some small bottled wines that are related to the original product or have little conflict can be selected to enrich the market and optimize the rational use of the sales network. If you want to further expand the existing sales network, you can choose some innovative options. Market and competitive vial wine products to develop new markets and sales networks.

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