New plastic recycling system

At NPE, EREMA will introduce a new look for a classic plastic recycling system. The system features a new ergonomic cabinet design that makes it easy for operators to access critical components, improve safety, and achieve more efficient overall operation.

The EREMA 906T will run at the exhibition. It is designed to recycle rolled and loose LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP. The system includes a roller feeder and a conveyor belt with a metal detector, an automatic back-punch screen changer, and a hot die surface water ring granulator.

In the classic EREMA patented recycling system, waste is added to a large vertical cutting/breaking device that uses friction to compress, shred, and preheat the plastic. The preheated dense material is then added directly to the extrusion screw. At precisely controlled temperatures, compression and melting occur gradually, adding minimal heat build-up to the regrind. The EREMA system is very easy to operate and produces very high quality pellets.

The EREMA system is available in a variety of sizes with processing capacities from 200 lbs/hr to more than 2 tons/hr. The 906T model has a productivity of about 450 lbs/hr.

For processors, an efficient waste recycling system is becoming an increasingly important way to withstand rising resin prices. For anyone in the plastics production field, NPE is an excellent opportunity to review the latest EREMA system.

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