Océ DS8000 Series Products

The company's Oce digital printing series products provide users with typesetting, printing, cutting and binding automatic assembly lines. The DS 8000 can be used for stand-alone or dual-sided duplex or single-side printing, as well as dual-color overprinting. Its printing speed is 290/470/700 pages per minute A4 format. With continuous print speed upgrade feature to adapt to the user's continuous business development, the company uses the world's leading laser imaging technology (LED PLUS patent protection), also has a unique built-in environmental protection system, continuous supply of non-stop consumables, low printing cost and other unique features. Prisma POD data processing system has superior performance in the dynamic layout of electronic data, personalized production, and networked on-demand printing.

The fourth way: Use a color laser printer with a price of around 50,000 yuan. It is basically the same as the principle of the structure of the color laser printer, but the printing speed and quality are slightly different, so the color laser printer can be used as office and printing industry.

This printing method is suitable for color products with low investment and fast effect. For products with small print and strong individuality, such as color business cards, wedding invitations, color manuals, and product descriptions, etc., they have good economic benefits and can be recovered in a very short time. There are many color laser printers. Here are the highlights.

1HP8550 color laser printer HP laser printer is known for its stable and reliable performance. Its print speed is 6 pages per minute on the A4 single side, 3600 pages per hour. The main advantage is that it has a wide range of adaptability to printing paper, and any offset printing paper can be used. The cost of printing an A4-format color print is about 2 yuan. HP has a comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service system throughout the country. Each is priced at about 50,000 yuan, with a maximum output width of A3.

2EPSON8200 color laser printer The maximum print format A3, the printing speed color 4 pages per minute, unlimited printing paper, where offset printing paper can be applied. With four kinds of toners: cyan, magenta, yellow and black, the cost per page of A4 color printing products is about 2 yuan and the selling price is about 5 million yuan.

3MINOLTA company QMS6100 color laser printer The machine prints the largest format A3, color printing 6 to 12 pages per minute. Can print 60 ~ 163g/m2 of various types of paper, can double-sided printing at the same time, support Colorsync and WindowsICM and other color management technology. Each priced at 5 million.

4Xeikon CSP320D color laser printer The printer's maximum print format is 320mm x 470mm, the printing paper thickness range is 80 ~ 300g/m2, printing speed is 1024 sheets per hour on one side of four colors, and 960 sheets per hour on both sides. With network printing function, allows users to print graphic information in any place through any computer on the network. The price is more than 100,000 yuan.

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