Pigment-Aluminium Silver Pulp Process Features Introduction and Product Classification Application

Aluminum silver paste is a very unique effect pigment, which can be divided into floating type, non-floating type, electroplating silver, imitation electroplating silver, young silver, flash silver, silver flash silver flash, high flash silver, strong flash Silver and so on. It consists of a very smooth and extremely thin scaly structure, high particle size, high hiding power, strong coloring power, clear color, fusion density and white light in one, can make the surface coating to produce elegant, soft like a mirror Optical metal effect.
Aluminum silver paste classification:

All aluminum pigments can be divided into floating and non-floating two major categories. In the grinding process, the replacement of one fatty acid with another will give the aluminum pigment a completely different character and appearance. Because the appearance of each type of aluminum sheet is different from other types, the technical parameters that affect the product's application formulation and end use will also vary depending on the desired effect.

First, floating type

In the floating aluminum pigment, the aluminum sheet is oriented to form an opaque silver film near the surface of the paint film. This opaque property is the main factor that makes the floating aluminum pigment become an important functional raw material. The floating aluminum pigment is generally used. It is mainly used for roof painting with high protection requirements, maintenance, anti-corrosion coating, reflective coating, imitation plating coating, and commercial coating.

The appearance of the floating aluminum pigment varies depending on the thickness of the particles, and can range from a rough, white appearance to dark, highly reflective or mirror-like effects. Thicker floating aluminum pigments have lower hiding power and coarser structures, but they provide the whitest and brightest coating. In contrast, fine-grained floating aluminum pigments have the greatest hiding power, the smoothest structure and a highly reflective coating.

Second, non-floating

Non-floating aluminum paste has excellent coloring degree, and has strong hiding power. It is widely used in industrial coatings, auto parts coatings and decorative coatings; non-floating pigments are uniformly distributed in the entire film and are formed. The appearance of the coating is different from that of the floating aluminum pigment, and because it can be mixed with a variety of pigments for a variety of systems, it has a unique effect on industrial coatings. However, any pigment or dye must be transparent when used with non-leafing aluminum pigments in order to achieve a realistic metallic effect. Non-floating aluminum pigments are available in a wide variety of types, from low to high coloring power, from coarse to fine particles, and from pale to gray and soft. Non-leafing aluminum pigments have a variety of acid-resistant grades, which can reduce the influence of industrial smog, acid rain, and other adverse environments on the coated parts.

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