Plastic Packaging Production Solutions

SIPA offers a wide range of plastic packaging production solutions: One-step machines, linear and rotary blow moulding machines and preform injection moulding machines. In addition to the technology, KaiBei and improvements to the existing packaging system, SIPA also provides individualized solutions for the design and supply of preforms and cap moulds.

The linear blow molding machine SFL 4 has 4 blowholes, the output reaches 7200 bottles per hour, and the rotary machine SFR 20 has 20 blowholes, and the output reaches 36,000 bottles per hour.

SIPA also launched the latest packaging for the beverage, food, cosmetics/detergent products and pharmaceutical markets, and exhibited numerous molds.

Paper Cup bowl making Machine is designed against the market requirement, it is a matching machine of paper cup machine and paper bowl machine. It is used to make a sleeve around the paper cup/bowl. It produces double-wall paper cup/bowl after running a whole procedure od automatic paper (fan-sleeve) feeding,Sleeve cone body sealing(ultrasonic), glue spaying (spay glue on the cone-sleeve), cup feeding(absorb cup intothe cone-sleeve), inserting and bonding sleeve to the cup,auto discharging,with the functions of photo electric detection, fault alarm, and count.

It is an ideal equipment of making double wall paper cups (sleeve paper cups), such as directly sleeve paper cup(ripple/corrugated Sleeve),hollow sleeve paper cup (sleeve bottom is folded

Paper cup making machine

paper cup machine,Paper Plate making machine,Cake paper box making machine

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