Popular anti-wrinkle eye patch in autumn

The delicate skin around the eyes, anti-wrinkle eye patch is the best cosmetic product against the fine lines of the eyes, the fine lines of the eyes, is always a sensitive minefield for women, want to be young forever? Want baby-like eyes? Let's take a look.

Urara infiltrates anti-wrinkle C-shaped eye mask

Signature point of view: full of rich beauty liquid, C-shaped comprehensive, large angle, wrap around the eye skin that is prone to wrinkles. The active ingredients penetrate deep into the skin and concentrate to maintain moisture.

Trial experience: Because of the special C-shaped design, the beauty liquid is immersed in the eye mask before use, it feels very fresh, and the eye mask does not have the wet answering feeling that has been soaked in the liquid. Stick to the lower eyelids, there is no glare, you can also read the book when you use it. After use, it will improve the dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Missha Bright Gel Eye Mask

Signature point of view: It can improve the dullness of the eyes, add moisture and nutrition to the eye area, tighten the eye skin, and give the eyes an efficient moisturizing and bright effect.

Trial experience: The refreshing texture of this eye mask can instantly make the skin of the eyes feel moist and cool, and the swelling effect is good. Contains a lot of cosmetic essences, which can make your eyes dry with water at one time.

bell toy

Also called baby Rattle Toy, use for baby playing, bathing, eating, or any suitable places. When baby is crying, a lovely Bell Toy would attract his attention and let him calm down. Baby fondles admiringly with lovely modeling, beautiful color and ringing sound. Food grade material and various shapes give different choices for babies. Encourage baby shake it, those toys are suitable sizes for little hands to grasp and shake.

Products pass EN71 test, OEM is possible, customized colors are also available. Packed in color card, Let we know your demand, suitable recommendation would be provided within 2 days. Quality is our culture, service is also what we emphasis. Choose us, you just give order, we will do the following all things, keep you posted on order details periodically, and delivery on time.

Bell Toy

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