Progress of carbon nano X-ray imaging technology of Shenzhen Advanced Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences

The research team of the National Science and Technology Support Program "CT System R & D Based on Carbon Nano X-ray Emission Sources" undertaken by the Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully obtained the first X-ray two-dimensional imaging map using independently developed carbon nanotube film. On January 17, the expert group organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology listened to the report on the work of the team at the Advanced Institute and inspected the imaging device on the spot. It fully affirmed the technology, which was achieved by China in the research of carbon nanotube X-ray source imaging. Breakthrough progress and achievements.

Carbon nanotube X-ray source is a new type of X-ray source that has been developed in recent years and is considered to be revolutionary. The traditional X-ray source with a hundred years of history is based on thermionic emission cathode, and the carbon nanotube X-ray source innovatively replaces the hot cathode with a carbon nanotube field emission cathode, thus making the X-ray source controllable emission, high time Resolution, low power consumption and easy integration. These advantages will bring structural breakthroughs to X-ray CT. Among them, one of the most promising directions is the static scanning CT based on the carbon nanotube X-ray source array. The CT replaces the traditional mechanical rotation with electronic scanning to obtain images at different angles, which can eliminate the imaging artifacts caused by the mechanical rotation and shorten the scanning time, thereby reducing the radiation dose of the patient, and is expected to improve the image accuracy of the CT scan.

The research team of the Lauterbur Medical Imaging Center of the Medical Institute of the Advanced Hospital has prepared carbon nanotube films with excellent performance after nearly two years of technical research and developed an X-ray imaging system based on a new light source. The emission current density of the independently developed carbon nanotube film has reached the international advanced level, and the X-ray source imaging system developed has obtained the first X-ray two-dimensional imaging map. The team is currently further improving the stability of the cathode and optimizing the structure of the ray source in order to carry out CT three-dimensional imaging.

It is reported that Shenzhen Advanced Institute, as the unit undertaking this project, not only emphasizes independent research and development, but also pays close attention to close cooperation with international leading units. The research imaging center where the project team is located and the national and local joint high-end imaging engineering laboratories have important experience and foundation in the development of CT systems. They have successfully developed high-resolution micro-CT and low-dose oral CT. Institute of Zoology, Academy of Sciences, oral CT has entered the stage of industrialization. Carbon nanotube X-ray CT, which is being developed, is a forward-looking scientific research to form independent intellectual property rights for the development of a new generation of CT system reserve technology.

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