Qin Hailu wearing Jaeger-LeCoultre series fashion watch stunning Milan Fashion Week

Jaeger family dating series Appointment watches like women's agreement on the time. It is like a time actor, with enthusiasm to grasp every moment. It is charming and confident and calm, accompanied by daily or so. Jaeger-LeCoultre has always had a special complex for women's timepieces, both in appearance and mechanical structure. This tradition dates back to the first small diameter circular caliber, such as the 1880 LeCoultre 7HP caliber, which is decorated with enamel and diamond or pearls, usually worn on the neck Above. The watch appeared in the 19th century. Before being accepted by gentlemen who had long cherished the elegance of pocket watches, the first watches were worn by women, in contrast with widespread belief. The government and the sleeveless dress, popular with the Empire, revealed arms and wrists, suggesting jewelers should wear jewelry on these parts. Some jewelers think of a mechanical watch for decoration. As a result, the first wristwatches came into being, and they needed to be individually tailored to jewelry. Nowadays, elegant and refined, self-contained and stirring dating series has become a new interpretation of the women's timepieces.