Quality is higher than price, Anemaqen down sleeping bag

Anemaqen Chinese is Animaqin, a Tibetan implication: a strong ancestor. The brand was founded in 2003 and was inspired by Animaqing Mountain. It has a high-strength, high-level professional testing team and is an independent professional outdoor brand owned by Sanfu Outdoor.

Anemaqen/Animaqen - Kanas White Goose Down Mummy Down sleeping bag

The amount of down-filling is 1100g: more than 90% goose down;

Looseness is 750FP;

Temperature scale: 0°C~-25°C; Comfort temperature scale: -12°C~-18°C;

Dimensions: 203 x 80 cm; Weight: 2000 g.

The price of other brands of sleeping bags with the same amount of filling, fluffiness, and temperature scale is above ¥ 4000, while the current purchase price of Anemaqen-Kans down sleeping bags is only ¥: 1689.

The YKK zipper used; the fabric is a 20D nylon tear-proof plaid fabric with an ultra-light texture; there is a stuffed chest pillow on the chest to prevent temperature loss.

Its comfortable temperature is -12 °C ~ -18 °C, suitable for the northern spring and early winter use, in the winter can be used in the down sleeping bag plus a personal fleece sleeping bag; autumn can be used in high mountains 4000-5000 meters above sea level, specific The scope of use also depends on the wind direction and climate at that time.

Anemaqen/ Animaqen - Shangri-La Grey Duck Down Mommy Down Sleeping Bag

The amount of cashmere is 800g: more than 90% duck down;

Fluffiness is 650FP;

Temperature scale: +10°C~-12°C; Comfort temperature scale: -3°C~-8°C

Size: 203 x 80 cm; Weight: 1200 g.

The price of other brands of sleeping bags with the same amount of filling, fluffiness, and temperature scale is above ¥2,000, while the current group purchase price of Anemaqen-Shangri-La is only RMB 991.

The same YKK zipper is used; the fabric is a 20D nylon ripstop plaid with an ultra-light texture.

Its comfortable temperature is -3 °C ~ -8 °C, suitable for spring and summer and early autumn three seasons.

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Feather products in the fluffy state will play the most warm effect, but the body will flatten it down when using a down sleeping bag, "Egg Nest Moisture Pad" can solve this problem, its grooves can make the down sleeping bag keep fluffy, Make the down sleeping bag work best.

The down sleeping bag is filled with duck down or goose down, under the same conditions, the warmth of goose down is higher than that of down down and the smell of goose down is lower than that of duck down.

Down sleeping bag fabrics are: nylon, nylon tear-resistant plaid fabric, high-density wear-resistant fabrics, polyester fiber and so on.

These materials have high abrasion resistance and are characterized by ultra-light weight, wrinkle resistance, and high air permeability.

The three characteristics of down sleeping bags are: light weight, small size, and strong warmth.

The three performance indicators of the down sleeping bag are: bulkiness, velvet count, and cashmere content.

Bulkiness determines the insulation of the sleeping bag and is a basic guarantee of compressibility. The goose fluffyness of domestically produced is 450-600; the goose fluffy degree of import is 700-800.

The amount of velvet is not the weight of the sleeping bag, but the net weight of the stuffed down. The comfort temperature of the sleeping bag can be estimated by the degree of loftiness and the filling weight, for example: 1000 grams of goose down sleeping bag with 800 fluffiness, the comfortable temperature is -20 degrees.

The amount of cashmere is composed of downy stems and velvet. The velvet is for warmth and the stems are supportive. The amount of fleece directly affects the bulkiness of the down. General goose down contains up to 90-95 velvet.

The price of down sleeping bags is related to downiness, down-filling volume, and amount of down. The higher the loftiness, the more the amount of cashmere contained in the pile, the more the price will be more expensive, but the warm-keeping effect will certainly be extremely strong. On the contrary, the lower the degree of loftiness, the less the amount of cashmere contained in the pile, the lower the price, and the cheaper the price, but the effect of keeping warm is not obvious.

To choose a good breathable relaxation bag to wear a down sleeping bag; and can not be down for a long time to put the down sleeping bag compression, which damages the structure of the down very large, and even cause permanent damage, so that the bulkiness can not be restored and affect the insulation effect. If conditions permit, you can hang the sleeping bag vertically in a cool and dry place or often unwind it with a sleeping bag. When using down sleeping bags, keep away from water. When you hit the water, the warmth of the down sleeping bag will decrease.

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