Structured NEC phone tray

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Normal > The NEC 's mobile phone market since September last year , the market response is good. When we got the outsourcing carton, we were amazed at its exquisiteness and surprised at the texture of the carton.

Normal > The main orange color of the box gives a fresh and pleasant feeling. When you open the locked flap, you can see the mobile phone body embedded in the other flap. This groove, which is recessed according to the size of the fuselage, is formed by die-cutting and folding through cardboard. It can not only properly fix the fuselage, but also give it a good cushioning force surface to maximize the protection of the fuselage.

Normal > Expand the cover again. The lower layer is held by a cushioning pad to hold the battery and other accessories, also in order to reduce the external impact on the electronic components. Simple structure, in the designer's bold vision, to achieve the three-dimensional protection of two-dimensional cardboard, can not but admire the designer's whimsy.

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