Sweden SOLNA D480 newspaper wheel printing machine secondary tension problem

The Swedish sauna SOLNA D480 shaftless tower semi-commercial printing production line includes three printing towers, an oven and a folding machine. The printing speed is 65,000 sheets / hour.

The production line is equipped with a secondary tension system to ensure that the tension of the paper is constant during the printing process and ensure the accuracy of overprinting. The secondary tension system includes two parts: INFEED before entering the printing unit and OUTFEED after leaving the printing unit. In the actual printing process, the size of the INFEED / OUTFEED value can be directly set on the console according to the condition of the paper to increase or decrease the tension. The actual value can be seen on the ABB display in the electric cabinet. When the INFEED value is increased, the speed of the abrasive roller with a motor in INFEED is slowed to reduce the paper sent to the printing unit, which increases the paper tension. When the OUTFEED value is increased, the more the OUTFEED abrasive roller motor accelerates the paper sent to the folding machine. The secondary tension system ensures the constant tension through such a process.

In the recent printing production process, we found that the paper wool is more serious at the OUTFEED of the third tower of the printing press. Visual observation feels that everything is normal. The reason for the analysis of the paper wool is probably because the OUTFEED paper roll is used for fixing The edge of the supporting iron plate touched the paper sharply and the paper hair scraped off. Therefore, the edges of the iron plate are pasted with double-sided tape to make it smooth without scratching the paper wool. When I printed again, I found that the problem still did not improve. Then consider the cause of OUTFEED's sanding roller. It seems that the sanding roller rotates normally during printing. Check the value of OUTFEED in the electric cabinet and find that the actual value is far lower than the set value. The inspection circuit found that the motor of OUTFEED did not operate normally due to a wrong connection of the wire, and the sanding roller was actually rotating due to the drag of the paper tension. The rotation speed is less than the speed of the paper, so the paper wool is rubbed off and the layout is dirty. Because the paper path of this tower is shorter, the INFEED is operating normally, and the adjustment of each printing unit and folding machine is better, so that normal printing can be guaranteed even if OUTFEED is not working. After reconnecting the wire, start printing, the OUTFEED value returns to normal, and there is no paper hair and dirty phenomenon. The problem is solved!

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