Talk about digital workflow (2)

Second talk about the process of digital printing

Background: In December 2003, Founder Inkjet Digital Printing System was released. Founder Inkjet Digital Printing System integrated rich, mature graphic arts technology and leading digital printing technology, integrating digital printing production process software. In China Print 2005, Fuji Xerox officially launched the landmark free flow process (FreeFlow) for digital printing workflows. The key point is to solve the existing bottleneck problem for digital printing users, bring new applications to customers, and open up new business opportunities. Digital workflow will inject new vitality into the application of digital printing.

Character: Mr. Fu Chunsheng, General Manager of Beijing Shengsheng Color Printing Co., Ltd.

Point One: Digital Printing Also Needs Workflow

Needless to say, the workflow is very important in the digital printing industry and is an important part of business management. However, there is currently no mature, scalable, and standard work flow in this industry. The current situation is that each digital printing company has its own way, customer base, and model. In addition, everyone is groping on the road to establish a complete digital workflow.
Point 2: The poor stability of digital printing production undermines the foundation for establishing a workflow

In the field of digital printing, it is still difficult to establish a standardized and unified digital workflow, which is related to the stage of digital printing development and the characteristics of the industry. Digital printing has the characteristics of immediacy, so it can not be arranged like offset printing, film comes, the above are solidified information, there are rules to follow. And traditional printing has a certain period of time, and there is a certain amount of time for further urgency. And digital printing is usually the one who does the rush. In our actual production, we often encounter such a situation: In the face of a more imminent print and livelihood, we stop the current Indian work and change it to be a print job. This caused some confusion and the workflow was forced to stop. Moreover, digital printing equipment is also a problem. The production and operation of offset presses are relatively stable. For example, it is expected that the two or three hours that can come out of India will usually come out in two or three hours, and the digital printing equipment is not very stable. If the above two issues are not solved by the digital printing industry, there is no basis for workflow.

People: Mr. Ruan Shui, Product Director of Founder Injet Digital Printing Systems

View 1: Digital Printing Workflow and Traditional Printing Workflow In the final analysis, the traditional print workflow and digital printing work flow that share the same goal have the following differences: Digital printing workflow requires fast, simple, variable and personalized content requirements; traditional printing work The process is more focused and comprehensive. The equipment connected to the digital printing process is a digital printer, while the traditional printing workflow connects more types of equipment and needs to provide a wider range of applications; the traditional printing workflow requires a higher printing accuracy, and digital printing is relatively low. Some digital printing workflows require faster speeds than traditional printing workflows; in terms of printing format, the digital printing workflow is still relatively fixed at the present stage, and it is much simpler than traditional printing in the application of folding (imposition), but There are some new requirements for folding.

However, although there is a certain difference between the two in terms of application level or operation method requirements, in the final analysis, the ultimate goal of the process is to provide users with acceptable prints. Actually no matter what the process is, it is convenient for printing. Fast service, from this point of view, is the same thing.

Point 2: The digital printing workflow is designed to ensure that digital printing equipment is exported to foreign countries efficiently and stably. Many people in the industry have a cognition of the workflow: in a digital printing system, the role played by the process may be the entire system. 93% of the digital presses of different models are just a production device. If there is no work flow, it will directly bring with it a variety of troubles and losses.
Founder Ingenie does not produce its own hardware device products. The hardware devices connected to the system are provided by some hardware manufacturers. Founder Inkjet is most concerned about the benefits of a solution that consists of a process software product and a user-friendly hardware device. That is to say, Founder's technology is to maximize the performance of the connected device and to make the best use of it. Possible to maintain a stable effect. For example, for a digital printing device with a speed of 90 pages per minute, the work of the process is to provide a wealth of resources. In the case of ensuring the stability of the device, it can stably produce the performance of printing 90 pages per minute, while maintaining a stable Printing quality. This is a job that Fang Zheng Yin Jie is most concerned about in the digital printing process. This work depends on the device interface technology of Founder Inkjet. Using this technology, it can provide more opportunities for communicating with the device and familiarize with various parameters and performance of the device, thus stably exerting the best performance of the hardware. This is also one of the core of Founder Inkjet.

It is not difficult to understand that for hardware vendors, they may be more concerned about the performance of their own devices, especially speed, format, media, etc., and for software vendors, how to help various devices work and reach the maximum The best level, stable operation, and providing users with the most suitable solution to provide the fastest way of operation, these issues are the most important.

Point 3: The supporting other digital printing software products are important means for the digital printing workflow to work

In the actual development of digital printing workflows, we are increasingly aware that if we want to take advantage of the features of digital printing, we must be able to provide other software functional products that adapt to digital printing characteristics, such as supporting network components (making network printing Or network proofing becomes a reality), variable data system, MIS system and so on.

In addition to providing digital printing workflows, Founder Inkjet can also integrate Founder’s other advantages products into the process to form a comprehensive solution that includes a variable data engine, MIS system, and other products.
Character: Mr. Zhao Jiansen, Software Product Manager, Fuji Xerox (China) Co., Ltd.

View 1: The workflow of traditional printing and digital printing is complementary

With the rapid development of science and technology, digitization has also penetrated the entire production process of traditional printing, which has led to more automation and quantification of traditional printing production that previously required a large amount of manual participation and reliance on personnel experience, thus resulting in the productivity and quality stability of traditional printing. It has greatly improved. However, the technical characteristics of traditional printing determine that it is difficult to automate the entire production process operation and control. In many aspects, it still depends on manual operation experience. Digital printing can completely automate the production process and make printing production simpler and more flexible.

The different characteristics of digital printing and traditional printing make the two very complementary in terms of specific printing applications. The traditional printing workflow has a very good cost advantage in the production of the long version and the printed matter of the same content; and the digital printing has the advantage that the traditional printing does not have in terms of on-demand printing such as a short version and a short delivery time. Especially rapidly growing variable data and personalized printing applications make digital printing workflows an increasingly important part of print production.

At the same time, some manufacturers' equipment can integrate traditional printing production processes with digital printing workflows, allowing printing companies to provide customers with more flexible and diverse services, and make production operations more focused and simple. Fuji Xerox The FreeFlow workflow software can achieve such a production environment.

In addition, JDF, a common workflow standard in the printing industry, has made common print workflows and digital printing workflows common language, making the two workflows more achievable in sharing data and devices, and exchanging information.

Point two: Optimistic about the outlook

At present, although it has started, the digital workflow has not been widely promoted and applied in China. There are technical issues and funding issues, and more are conceptual issues. However, the good news is that with the integration of the global economy, increasing international exchanges, increasing competition from domestic and foreign counterparts, and further improvement of related technologies and standards, the use of advanced work processes to solve production and business problems is gradually gaining in popularity. Many forward-thinking companies have begun to establish their own digital printing workflow. It is believed that with the efforts of the entire industry, the advanced digital printing workflow will develop rapidly and the promotion speed will increase at a geometric level, just as wireless communication and Internet development in China. When Fuji Xerox promoted its own workflow products, it deeply felt the momentum of this development.
After China Print 2005, Fuji Xerox promoted new workflow solutions in various industry events with the slogan of “Free Processes, Unlimited Business Opportunities” to promote new workflows to push customers' businesses to a new height. At the same time, the sales staff of Fuji Xerox initiatively added new workflow products to the solutions provided to customers, so that the entire solution has more added value for customers and is more acceptable to customers. Through these efforts, Fuji Xerox FreeFlow has become a well-known workflow solution in the industry and has been successfully promoted to many large-scale printing companies.
In 2006, Fuji Xerox will introduce more workflow products to make the entire free flow solution more complete and in line with the needs of the Chinese market.

Viewpoint 3: The concept problem is the most important bottleneck in workflow application

Currently, there are several constraints in the application of workflow in digital printing in China.

1. This is the most important issue. The role of advanced work flow in the competition and development of the enterprise is not fully understood. Due to the low labor cost, a large number of manual participation and traditional operation methods are the main production modes of current printing enterprises. In spite of the ever-increasing competition in the domestic printing market and the gradual increase in labor costs, many printing companies do not fully understand that using new work processes to increase productivity and provide customers with a wider range of services will greatly promote the development of the company. . This requires the entire industry to work together to educate and nurture the market, so that people can understand more about the value that the new type of work flow can create for the company, as well as its decisive role in future development, and update people's perceptions.

2. funding problem. Because the establishment of a new digital printing workflow requires a certain amount of capital investment, and because the workflow requires software products to constitute, the value of software has not been paid attention to by people, coupled with low labor costs, which makes many companies to establish The advanced digital printing workflow is "love you in your heart, hard to open the wallet." Addressing this issue requires vendors to better promote and promote the value of advanced work processes and flexible financial arrangements.

3. technical problem. Because the new work flow solution is composed of a series of advanced high-tech products, the backwardness of the enterprise's IT infrastructure construction and the lack of high-tech personnel have made enterprises stand in the way of advanced technology. For customers who are tempted to establish a new type of workflow, they are more likely to communicate with powerful vendors who can provide solutions and improve technical services. Relying on the strength of vendors to implement technology updates is an optional shortcut. At the same time, powerful companies should be more proactive in providing better pre-sales and after-sales services to solve customers' worries. Fuji Xerox has made perfect service a major part of the FreeFlow solution.

Point four: process manufacturers, no responsibility

Fuji Xerox inherits the corporate philosophy of growing together with China's economy and growing with its customers. It has been committed to introducing advanced digital printing concepts and technologies to China. After drupa 2004, it began to implement the free flow process (FreeFlow) and officially launched it on China Print 2005. Within a period of nearly one year, it became a workflow solution known to the industry.
We believe that Fuji Xerox has done a great deal of work in the following areas in order to extensively promote and use advanced digital printing workflows in China. 1 In-depth understanding of the Chinese market situation, will be those who have a practical value to the customer's workflow

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