Technological innovation and development of green high-speed gravure printing machine


At present, the printing ink used in the gravure printing process has a volatile organic solvent content of more than 50%, wherein a low boiling point, high volatility organic solvent such as xylene, toluene, ethyl acetate or methyl ethyl ketone contains aromatic hydrocarbons, which are both toxic and easy. Burning, there are great safety hazards in the production process. Although there are special VOCs recycling equipment on the market, most of the gravure companies have not actively adopted the effects of high cost, slow effect, and unrestricted VOCs policy. This will not only harm the health of the operator, but also cause serious pollution to the atmosphere. With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, improving the environmental protection of gravure printing process has become the consensus of the whole industry.
To this end, the author believes that it can start from the following three aspects: 1 reduce the environmental pollution caused by the direct discharge of organic waste gas; 2 solve the problem of drying performance of water-based ink, ensure high-speed printing (now limited to 120m / min); 3 to achieve high-speed gravure printing machine The level of automation reduces the reliance on operators. As a manufacturer of gravure printing equipment, we have gradually realized that only through continuous research and innovation to meet the requirements of new processes can we adapt to the trend of green development in the gravure industry. Therefore, research on gravure printing machine with high environmental protection, high precision, high efficiency and high degree of automation will be the future direction of gravure equipment manufacturing enterprises.
At present, the printing speed of domestic high-end electronic shaft unit type gravure printing machine has reached 400m/min, and the biggest difference from ordinary gravure printing machine is that each printing unit and traction adopt independent high-precision AC servo motor drive. The whole machine has the following advantages.
(1) The whole machine adopts the disc type retracting material with good rigidity to ensure stable feeding. Stable box-type frame combination, the material shaft is synchronous belt transmission, reliable transmission and low noise.
(2) The precision pressure reducing valve accurately sets the traction tension, the high-precision non-contact sensor detects the tension, the self-balancing horizontal swing roller is sensitive, the tension control is very precise, and the tension fluctuation is small, which contributes to accurate overprinting.
(3) The printing unit adopts the direct pressure sleeve type quick change rubber roller. The direct pressure form can realize the rapid registration after the stop, and the time-saving and high-efficiency of the single-press, the straight-press sleeve type quick-change rubber roller is convenient for installation and replacement. Time and effort.
(4) The scraper adopts air motor to drive three-direction automatic adjustment to create the best scraping angle. One-button reset function ensures automatic adjustment and reset after changing the order.
(5) The fully enclosed ink-blocking device does not smear ink during high-speed printing, is easy to clean, and has low maintenance cost. The shallow-mesh reduction effect of the lower ink delivery device is good, the ink capacity of the ink tank is only about 7L, the evaporation is small, the waste is small, and the cost is low.
(6) The synchronous motor drives the ink tank to lift and lower. The absolute encoder automatically measures the working position. With one button, the ink tank can travel to the specified position.
(7) Fully enclosed stainless steel inner oven, large wind speed and high flow rate, can create low temperature and high wind speed drying method, negative pressure design in the oven to ensure that the residual solvent does not exceed the standard. The drying system is equipped with a high-pressure fan, and the secondary return air uses an energy-saving module to achieve high efficiency and energy saving.
(8) New passive water cooling roller, low damping, large diameter, spray structure, surface blasting treatment, cooling effect is obvious, to ensure synchronization with the host, to avoid film film scratches.
(9) The appearance is generous and beautiful, and the safety protection of the whole machine is strictly in accordance with the EHS management system standards.

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