The finishing touch of the home market is soft and well decorated.

With the popularity of the home improvement market, the home consumer market is gradually getting hotter. The consumer's sense of home is not only to meet the decoration in the space sense, but also to pay attention to the overall atmosphere of the family. "Curtain is the most representative soft clothing, and now, consumers have accepted a variety of soft decorations such as decorative painting, ceramics, floral green plants, lighting, ornaments, etc., and consumer demand is gradually growing." An industry analysts analysis.

At present, in the home decoration consumption of Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other regions, the consumption of soft-packed products has far exceeded hardwear, and the market is still expanding. As soft decoration gradually becomes a hotspot of consumption, its development will no longer be a single sale of a class of products, but through the overall design and matching, the sale of space, and more emphasis on the flexibility and randomness of decoration, the design of soft decoration In addition to giving consumers a different visual experience, it will also bring a new home experience.

Home store market force soft clothing market positioning upgrade

With the continuous improvement of consumers' demands on the home environment, in order to create a comfortable and comfortable home, consumers not only pay for the purchase of building materials and furniture, but also pay more attention to improving the taste of the home in terms of “soft decoration”. Especially in recent years, this part of consumer demand has gradually expanded, and the speed of home improvement has accelerated, which has enabled many home furnishing companies to see the potential of this part of the market. At present, more and more home furnishing companies and investment companies have targeted the soft decoration market, and their consumption positioning has been continuously improved.

On February 10, 2012, IKEA Tianjin Shopping Mall, the world's largest household goods retailer, opened its doors in the expectation of consumers. As the tenth shopping mall opened by IKEA in China, the opening of the market triggered the consumption boom in Tianjin market. The concept of madness swept through Jinmen. In addition to the strong presence of IKEA, the Dengfa Home Decoration Culture and Art Center, established in the home building materials field, is also officially opened on June 28, 2012. The SouFun home reporter visited the opening ceremony. In the store of about 28,000 square meters, there are hundreds of domestic front-end home decoration brands, covering all kinds of home accessories and professional soft-packing companies such as new-style flowers, art paintings, art carvings, woven fabrics and individuality.

Preferential strength, large soft accessories sales rose

In 2012, the influence of the property market regulation policy became more and more extensive. Many home furnishing stores have said that after the “Eleventh” Golden Week promotion, many manufacturers will inevitably show a weak state. However, near the Spring Festival, the main soft decorations The manufacturers seem to be highlighting the survival. It is understood that under the dual effects of the regulation of the property market and the severe winter, the basic decoration has entered the off-season. In addition, the promotion activities held by these manufacturers before the year, not only the scale is not as good as before, even the promotion efforts are relatively reduced. In contrast, the promotion of soft decorations not only achieves a minimum of 50% discount, but also spends a lot of thought on the product style to innovate.

According to statistics from most soft-decoration merchants, their sales have increased by nearly 30% since December 2011. Among them, curtains, bedding, wall lamps, candlesticks and other items are popular. However, for most young people, they are more willing to take a new look at the home with a click of the mouse. Yesterday, reporters noticed on, Jingdong Mall and other websites that the sales of various shapes of cups, tablecloths, plastic prints on the walls, Chinese knots and other holiday ornaments are very impressive. Some stores have reached the overall sales volume in December in only two weeks.

Consumption needs to guide 80, 90 after the main consumer

According to industry analysts, the Chengdu soft-packing market is still showing a decentralized latent state. It is represented by the counters of department stores such as Parkson and Lotte, or in the home building materials stores such as Red Star Macalline and Meikemeijia, and professional soft clothing. The market has also opened its home decoration culture and art center last year, and it will take time for the market to mature. However, it is unquestionable that soft-packing consumption has gradually moved from department stores to home stores and then presents professional soft-clothing stores. This is the performance of the soft-packed consumer market.

Soft clothing first appeared in the hotel, and the hotel must pay attention to soft furnishings in an elegant and comfortable environment. In the past, ordinary consumers did not have the awareness of soft clothes. For example, a curtain of a citizen who lives in a small building may be all soft. Therefore, for the older generation of residents, the consumption of soft clothing market needs to be guided. As far as the situation in recent years is concerned, especially the real estate market has developed rapidly, and a large number of soft packs have been applied between models. Consumers have begun to pay attention to soft furnishings. He analyzed that with the improvement of people's living standards and aesthetic needs, the main consumer of soft-packing is mainly after 80s and 90s. “This is a group of young people who value the quality of life and taste. The accelerated pace of work makes them have a strong desire for the comfort of their home.”

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