The Importance of Screen Stretching and Its Operation Procedure

The so-called screen printing, is the use of screen printing plate, the plate on the graphic by the through hole, printing ink through the screen through the hole in the surface of the substrate to form a print, and then complete the graphic reproduction of the printing method.

Stretch the net. The process of straining the mesh into the frame. In mass production, we use lightweight aluminum frames that are not easily deformed, stable, durable, easy to use, and resistant to resistance. The frame size should be larger than that of the plate, at least 10-20 cm on each side. The beginning and end of the squeegee movement should be at least 10-15 cm longer than the printed version.

In order to adapt to the needs of export products, we often use 270-300T yellow polyester mesh imported from Japan or Germany in the production. For particularly delicate prints, we often use 350T imported yellow mesh in order to better achieve the tone of the pattern. Reproduction. Screen printing uses ultraviolet light for exposure in the printing plate. Blue-violet is the mixed reflection of the two hue of cyan and magenta in the color, that is, the lack of yellow hue in black. At the time of exposure, the blue-violet plus mesh yellow is superimposed on black. Therefore, the surface of the yellow screen (ie, the bottom of the emulsion layer) is not light-sensitive or less exposed, so that the “back-lighting” phenomenon does not occur, and the resulting image has high definition and no vignetting occurs. In order to save raw materials, we often use positive stretch nets when stretching nets. That is, the latitude and longitude of the wire mesh is perpendicular or parallel to the edge of the frame. When tension is required, the tension is appropriate, the wire is uniform, and the tension between the periphery and the center is even and stable.

The specific steps are as follows: first clamp the screen around the equidistant distance, and then send in compressed air. When the pressure reaches 6kg, close the air valve and transfer the tension of the screen evenly. After that, tighten and relax. Then repeat and relax. Two or three times, after the screen is fully stretched, the tense and center tensions are measured with a tensiometer. At this time, the mesh and the frame can be fixed by the adhesive (usually acetic acid emulsion or epoxy adhesive). The contact part. After being dried, the extra screen mesh is fixed on the other side of the screen frame to prevent the screen from loosening or falling off, thereby increasing the service life of the screen plate.

Source: China Washing & Dyeing Industry Information Center

The reasonable installation height of the Wall Mounted Charging Station must be determined by the height of the room. The usual installation requirement is about 2 meters from the ground, no obstacle in the front, and the distance from the ceiling is more than 10cm.

The installation of the household Wall mounted charging station can be concealed in all kinds of interior decoration style, material can be flexible choice, for interior decoration design for high-end customers have had a lot of kung fu, the Wall mounted charging station should be completely hidden they can accept and to seriously consider a scheme. It can save space, easy to take, suitable for small amount of laptop charging and placement.

Smart charging cabinet usually refers to a device to convert alternating current more lines of computer equipment. charging tablets station is widely used in different fields, can be widely used in school or authority enterprises and other collective units at the same time. The charging device, tablet charging tank convenient each layer uses the drawer for the management of the digital product design, convenient connection to charge. And bottom of the charger station can be moved with casters.

It can be equipped with integrated power management system, set the leakage prevention, prevent short circuit, overload, multimode display digital intelligent switch machine functions as a whole. Can be set up at time, save energy, have priority to function using (to be automatic), the system default recharge throughout the day. That is Smart Charging Station.

Our Storage charging carts can charge and manage for different electronic devices. We can design the suitable storage charging cart according to the size and power parameters of your electronic equipment. Not only can you arrange and store lots of electronic equipment, but also can charge in the same time. Generally there are multiple charging interfaces: 10 units, can be depended on the customer's need to customize and satisfy the different number of charging interfaces, like OEM, ODM. Universal charging solution can be used in any country. All of charging solution have multiple USB port and AC charging interface.

We have intelligent Storage Charging Cart . It can do intelligent disinfection, timing, control switch and synchronous data functions.

This intelligent function can be choose by your inquiry.

1.When electric equipment put in the charging cart, we can choose to disinfection for the equipment. It uses UV sterilizer to kill bacteria. Keep your health.

2.About charging time, you can set up with timer early, as long as press the open switch, the charging cart will automatically control and charge your equipment.

3.If you need to transfer data files to charging device, connecting to the data transmission port directly with your computer, and operate synchronous transmission function. This function is only with USB port charging cart.

Charging station this product is used for school education, library, hotel, office, factory, meeting room, family, shops, airports, data processing and government work scenario, these places are using a lot of tablets and laptops. Charging stations will work for their collective charge and management. Our products main sold to education place.

Wall Mounted Charging Cabinet,Wall Mounted Charging Station,Wall Mounted Charging Locker

Security Charging Cart is equipped with LED light to display charging status, red light means charging, green light means full charging or not charging. And we have three point safety locker.  

Two with brake casters can make charging cart not move when you put well it on a place.

Our charging cart is made of 1.2 mm cold steel sheet material. It is really strong and can understand certain weight. The good quality can be seen.

Our tablets charging cart have safety certification of UL, CE, ROHS,CCC, FCC and REACH, considering the safety and quality assurance. Design two side door to protect power area and curved edge surface to preventing user getting hurt and device. Can be fixed on the wall. Let customer use happy and at ease.  

Wall Mounted Charging Cabinet,Wall Mounted Charging Station,Wall Mounted Charging Locker

Product certification is complete, safe and reliable, good quality. Looking forward to you cooperation!

Wall Mounted Charging Cabinet

Wall Mounted Charging Cabinet,Wall Mounted Charging Station,Wall Mounted Charging Locker

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