The Right Choice for HP Short Print Solutions

The customer's needs and applications are the key to choosing the right digital short-run printing solution. Therefore, before purchasing the short-run printing solution, you need to consider which of the short-term printing solutions is more suitable for you to provide your own customers with reference to your business capabilities. Service.

HP Digital Short Print Solutions for Investors

Today, the digital business literary printing market is no longer the simple mode of entry, printing, and copying that we saw 10 years ago. High-quality printed matter is an important means to strengthen the communication between enterprises and users. The backwardness and relative weakness of the traditional printing industry The service link can not meet the needs of customers. HP's digital short-run printing program promotes the rapid development of the digital short-range output industry with fast and flexible capabilities. It can also provide high returns for society while providing quality services.

1. A single platform A3 format configuration plan: The investment amount is about 100,000 yuan, and the staffing is 1 to 2 people. The floor space is 105-10 square meters.

2. Multi-platform A3 format configuration plan 2: The investment amount is about 130,000 yuan, and the staffing is 2 to 3 people. The floor space is 10-15 square meters.
HP's digital short-run printing program business reflected

Samples: Sample manuals are often used in daily work, with many pages, flexible format and media applications, limited number of copies, high quality requirements, etc., the printing volume can not be accepted by the printing plant, by HP color digital short version printing The system's high-precision and high-speed output allows you or your customers to get an ideal sample at any time.

Personalized calendar: In the information-based and diversified society, personalized fashion is increasingly infiltrating into various industries. People no longer satisfy stereotyped calendars and calendars, so personalized calendars and calendars come into being. The flexible, variable output of HP's digital short-range printing solutions gives an excellent way for fashion-conscious individuals to express themselves.

Invitation cards: Greeting cards are required for business meetings, wedding celebrations and social gatherings. General small and medium-sized conferences should be held. The number of invitations is between 50 and 500. The size of the invitations will not exceed A4 format. Creating a wedding invitation of their own is the wish of many newcomers. Now all of these can be implemented using HP's short-run digital printing solutions.

Business Card Cards: Business cards with colorful business cards and badges, portrait cards, pass cards, concession cards, warranty cards, and contact cards with portraits or full-color images have small format, few numbers, rich colors, frequent change of paper types, and short response time. The characteristics of HP's short-run digital printing solutions have a wide market in meeting this demand.

The color menu: The exquisite degree of the recipe directly reflects the grade of the dining place. The detailed text is introduced. The appendixes of the photos are more helpful to the diners. Shopkeepers are doing everything possible to design and update their own style recipes, but they cannot be realized before printing because of the amount of print. A 16-page color recipe output time is less than 5 minutes using the HP Digital Short Print System. The sense of printing can be easily carried out after printing.

Promotional coloring pages: In the increasingly competitive business world, each company puts propaganda in an important position. The printing quality of corporate publicity products directly affects the company's image. In various types of publicity materials, publicity pages and promotional brochures are the most common and most easily selected prints. The appearance of the HP color digital short-run printing system has opened up business opportunities for customers from all walks of life who need short prints.

Personalized books and photo collections: The Internet BBS Forum has become the era of young people's living content. Everyone can be a writer. Although the feeling of code wording on the Internet is cool, it can leave the Internet feeling lost. Many network writers want to save their own written texts in books or give them gifts, but the expensive publishing costs or printing fees cannot make their dreams come true. The popularity of DC also makes it possible for everyone to take pictures of themselves. Collecting pictures in the form of albums is their own life. HP's digital short-run printing system helps your dream come true at a low cost and with a "one-off printing" service.

Industry bids: The industry bids are an important window for companies to promote and promote themselves. Most corporate companies do not need more than a few dozen copies of the industry's bids, and they need to make changes from time to time before they are exported or exported. Film proofing, the cost is staggering. With HP color digital short-run printing system, direct output is not required. It takes only one hour to produce 20 36-page full-color A4 format ring binders.

HP offers multiple sets of digital short-run printing solutions for different customer needs and business characteristics. The number of pages can be completed in a short time, and the small number of sample manuals is the perfect embodiment of the flexibility and print quality of the HP color digital short-run printing system.

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