Transparent plating ceramic film

Ceramic coating film, also known as CT film, was first introduced into the market in 1996 by Japan's Daejeon Printing Co. and Toyo Ink Co., Ltd. and immediately attracted great attention from the packaging industry. The galvanizing method of ceramic membranes is similar to the usual metal plating methods. The main requirements of this membrane are good transparency, excellent barrier properties, excellent resistance to retort, good microwaveability and good Environmental protection and good mechanical properties. In the world, the plated ceramic film is first used as a packaging material for thin strips of solid noodles. Due to its excellent packaging performance, it has attracted people's extensive attention and concern. Because this film has excellent taste protection, it is particularly suitable for packaging easily sublimable products such as naphthalene (camphor) and other volatile materials. Due to its excellent barrier properties, besides being used as a high barrier packaging material for food packaging, it is expected to be used as a cover material on microwaveable containers, as a condiment, precision machinery parts, electronic parts, drugs and medical instruments, etc. Packaging materials are widely used. With the further development of processing technology, if the film can be greatly reduced in cost, then it will be rapidly promoted and applied. Although the current value of this kind of membrane is high, the physical properties still need to be further improved, but it is expected that it will occupy an important position in food packaging materials in the near future.

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