In the coming year, the prospects of new technology color TVs are good, and the research series of newspapers and magazines show that the traditional color TVs are still the mainstream models of urban homes. Their coverage rate is as high as 95.89, and the ownership rate of emerging flat TVs in the past two years. Only 3.9 rear-projection color TV LCD TV wall-mounted color TV and other products have lower Wei, only in the market cultivation stage. However, the analysis shows that from 1998 to 2000, the growth of ordinary color TVs is decreasing at an annual rate, while the average level of color TVs is growing at an average rate of 10 or more, which has broad market prospects and competitive strength. At present, Beijing Qiuhai Tianjin Nanjing Hangzhou Guangzhou is a domain city with a high rate of flat-panel color TVs.

Tune, the data shows that 20.5 urban households clearly purchased color TV during 20012005. The reason for the purchase is based on historical new demand. Experts expect the expected demand for color TVs in China's urban market during 2001 and 2005; about 100 million units, with an average annual demand of 20.5 million units. Among the 1 households in the city that have been expecting consumer demand for TV 6 in the last 5 years, flat-panel TVs are widely optimistic, and 53.4 of them are preparing to buy flat-screen TVs. In addition, some families who are expected to purchase color enamel have a strong interest in new color TVs such as ultra-thin digital projectors.

Clear air 8 harm; Ding 0, using six major health technologies; Ou Chen, remove indoor harmful substances; Konka, give you the taste of the forest, when the price of the smoke disappeared, the health word became the killer of the air-conditioning manufacturers this summer to compete for the market . In addition to smoke deodorization and dust removal. Anti-curvature and mildew to remove odor and remove formaldehyde. Contaminants such as clothing; the technology used is also unfathomable, such as the technology of nano-rare earth materials. The salesperson said that at least 70 of the 20 or so air conditioners in the boring market are branded with health cards. Last year, only a few brands claimed to have healthy functions.

Although health is just a concept of hype, and the price of the air conditioner is more than 2,0 yuan, but it also attracts many customers. According to reports, Gome Fangzhuang stores have sold more than 1,000 air conditioners in the month, of which 40 are healthy air conditioners.

The monotonous old toy market is worrying. This year, at the Nuremberg Toys Network in Germany, the number of booths of Chinese toy manufacturers reached 149. The exhibitors were nearly shaking, accounting for two of the 15 exhibition halls. And more manufacturers, I learned from the China Toy Association. More than half of the products brought by the exhibitors are plush toys, followed by wooden toys, plastic toys, inflatable toys and educational toys. No, home manufacturers sell electronic games. 1 For this situation, experts believe that China is new; The grade is low, the technology has high value-added products; in the toy, there are many intensive products; the lack of toys I develop.

What people are worried about today is that in 1999, the total sales of global toys, the sales of technology toys accounted for about half. Like the front line, the robot dog launched by Sony Corporation of Japan caused a wave of buying around the world. Interactivity.

High-tech toys have become the mainstream of toys, and the most lacking in the toy industry in China is the innovation and high-tech content necessary to produce such toys. Therefore, how to deal with the competition of foreign companies after entering the WTO has become the total of domestic toy companies.

The water heater will face the renewal of domestic water heaters in the next year. Since 1997, the average growth rate has been 175. After years of development, the water heater ownership rate of urban households in China has reached 3171.2. At present, the ownership rate of water heaters in various regions is quite different. The water heater ownership rate of the coastal areas has reached 75.7, while the central and western regions are currently owned by urban households in China. The water heaters are made of gas water heaters, accounting for 57.4 of the total scenery.

The development of electric water heaters in the past two years is relatively fast. The rate of 6 lines has reached 3.3. Due to the limitation of the site and installation conditions, the solar water heaters have a lower rate.

Although the current water heater ownership rate of urban households has reached 70., there are still 46.6 households who have to purchase water heater experts in the next five years. According to this, the annual demand for urban water heaters in China will reach 46.6 million. Taiwan has an average annual demand of 9.32 million units, most of which are updated.

The performance of range hoods is still a key survey to win the market. At present, the occupancy rate of household hoods in households in China has reached 74.7. However, at present, the elimination rate of range hoods of urban households in China is higher.

A family of 23.8 has eliminated the range hood. This reflects that the range hood products have entered the product renewal period in the urban market. The reasons for the new history are that the old products have been damaged. About 41.2 moved into the new home or eliminated the range hood due to renovation, accounting for 38.7, and some family history new products. Because the daily products can't keep up with the trend or the price of new products, the urban households with 46.8 are clearly guaranteed to purchase the range hoods within the next 5 years. The total purchases are expected to reach 46.8 million units, and the annual demand is about 9.36 million units. The investigation is not obvious, the suction is strong, reliable, durable and low noise, and the washing is convenient. It is expected that the most important indicators of the households and households of the household hoods, and the appearance price service and the kitchen decoration match are also valued.

The old car trading market has broad prospects because the handcart meets many grades of urban and rural residents.

The variety of products, low-priced demand, with a large choice of space, has become a kind of consumer fashion, making the old motorized trading market full of vitality. For example, the United States and the people, the ghosts change cars every year, forming a car trading frequently. In 1997, the sales volume of new cars was 15.3 million, and the volume of hand transactions was 35 million. 1 The amount of old cars in China was calculated according to the current year of 600,000 vehicles, accounting for only 30 of the car sales, in the automobile market. The proportion is very small, which is quite different from the total sales of developed home vehicles. The potential of the old motor vehicle delivery market has not been fully explored. With the multi-deformation of old motor vehicle trading methods, various factors restricting market development. As a result of the settlement, the old motor vehicle transactions will become increasingly active, and the scale of transactions will also expand. In general, China's old motor vehicle trading market has a good development trend and a very broad prospect.

Sunglasses business opportunities are on the rise In recent years, the consumption of color mirrors is growing sharply in the sunglasses market. It is said that the recent investigation of Shanghai Jingluo Optics Co., Ltd., which brought seven Italian brand-name sunglasses, such as George Clooney, to the Chinese market, has a small result. The semi-conductor has two pairs of sunglasses; the hard plastic lens is. Fashion makes the use of sunglasses shorter; the most complaints are that it is easy to contaminate dirt and dust. Seventy percent of consumers buy sunglasses at the optical shop = With the quality and sales of the management and quality of the employees of the China Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The tips of the ç­‰ ç­‰ , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

The gas stove is not oily and easy to clean is the biggest selling point investigation. The gas stove ownership rate of urban households in China has reached 87.8. The alum is higher than the household penetration rate of kitchen appliances such as range hood water heater microwave rice cooker. The survey of the households' gas stove control performance shell cleanliness satisfaction index was found. In terms of satisfaction, whether the cleanliness is satisfactory or not, the proportion of households that are not satisfied with the satisfaction is nearly double that of the responding very satisfied households. In the price of gas stoves, the price of about 200 yuan is the price that consumers accept.

Although the current rate of burning of households in urban households in China is very high, there are still 42.4 households in accordance with the urban households in China. Household calculation. In the next five years, the expected purchase volume of our city's gas stoves will reach 42.4 million units, with an average annual demand of 8.48 million units. From the expected purchase of gas stove type. The non-stick oil gas stove has a good development prospect. The sales volume of the ordinary electric 1 spark gas stove will continue to grow steadily, and the manual gas stove will gradually withdraw from the market.

The good luck of tea beverage manufacturers came under the Chinese market and media research conducted by the new generation market monitoring agency for 2 years, 48 ​​survey results. The penetration rate of tea drinks is soaring, with an increase of up to 7 staggering. The industry concentration of cola and soda juice drink has been very high, and it has basically formed an oligopolistic market structure. Entering such industries will focus on four major costs and industry barriers. in comparison. Tea drinks and instant drinks are also a free market for the competition, and there is still a certain market entry space for enterprises. Therefore, if beverage companies can choose the right time, choose the right consumer group and the right strategy to enter the market, they can still get a cup in the tea beverage instant beverage market.

There are many brands of instant beverages for tea drinks on the market. The real and powerful tea drinks are concentrated in the brand of Rising Sun Master Kong, and other brands such as Lipton Odyssey Baker's Day and Land also have a certain market share.

Pure draft beer will knock on the market if you pay attention to recent TV commercials. Yanjing Pure Draft Beer, the boss of the beer market, will not be unfamiliar with the advertisements in the same place. In fact, not only Yanjing Beer has raised the banner of pure birth. At present, many beer manufacturers in China have successively launched their own brands of pure draft beer, including the well-known brands such as Zhujiang Qingdao Blue Sword. Many of the powerful beer companies in the factory have entered the pure market. Live. Mr. Wang Yancai, executive vice president of the National Brewing Industry Association, believes that this is a welcome leap in the Chinese beer industry. It marks a new stage in the Chinese beer industry towards competition for flavor stability. It marks the epoch-making progress of China's beer brewing technology and brings the distance between China and the foreign beer industry. In addition, from the perspective of product innovation in the beer industry, pure draft beer has become the development direction of China's beer industry. With the smashing of domestic strength manufacturers, after two years of ancient production, pure draft beer will form a complete confrontation with ordinary beer. Domestic high-end switches will enter the market on a large scale. For a long time, the domestic network equipment market is an international manufacturer. Monopoly, domestic network vendors are squeezed in the low-end market where technology contains 4 lower margins. Nearly, after rigorous testing and comparative analysis, Shanghai Telecom decided to use the 31,024 managed switch of Shida Network as a building-grade switch in the broadband community built in the future. This marks the beginning of the domestic-made switch to enter the telecom broadband network. . 1 Hai Telecom regards the broadband network as the development focus of this year, and records all the regions of the huge city. It is expected to develop 200,000 access users = as the domestic mainstream broadband connection solution provider, Shida network has to provide from narrowband to broadband. From 004 180 to 031 high-speed Ethernet and other mature mainstream access products and complete solutions, 1 long-term work in the field of electric pick-up has made it rich, industry experience and deep technical accumulation. The strong cooperation of the network will help promote the large-scale application of high-performance network products developed and manufactured by domestic white masters in the broadband network.

The market for the first generation of mobile phone services is huge. The research report of the Universal Mobile Power System Forum, which consists of more than 100 telephone companies and communication equipment manufacturers in the world, predicts that by 2010, the global mobile phone industry will have a revenue of 10,000. 100 million yuan, of which 60 agricultural white first generation mobile phone service.

The modern mobile phone technology is in addition to the call function. There are also several functions such as transmitting wireless Internet access. The transmission speed of the first generation is 200 times that of the first generation mobile phone that is commonly used by people. The first generation of mobile phone service refers to the service that the network service provider supports for the above functions of the mobile phone.

The research report predicts that by the end of 2010. The revenue of the first generation of mobile phone eye services is expected to reach 322 billion US dollars, the first generation of mobile phone users will account for 28.

According to the report, by 2010, the global mobile phone user continent and Oceania region will be the first generation mobile phone service market.

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