Trouble shooting for uneven printing on the ground

In actual printing, we often encounter the phenomenon of uneven printing on the ground. In the past, the printing pressure and paper were first considered. Usually, when the printing pressure cannot be adjusted, the paper can only be changed. This not only increases the printing cost, but also delays the production cycle. . In the following two cases, we have solved this problem by adjusting the printing process.

Example 1: In actual production, we often encounter 30% to 50% magenta and 100% cyan plates overprinted on the blue field. Due to poor paper quality, the red net can often be transferred to the paper 100%, and the transfer rate reaches The highest, and more than half of the area of ​​the green plate can be directly transferred to the paper, so the printed matter is really very flat, the problem has been fundamentally solved, even if you use a lower quality paper can be printed.

Example 2: Once, use 150g / m2 offset paper to print the cover of the book, the layout of which has a large area of ​​blue print. When looking for the rules, the phenomenon of red flowers on the copper plate is used, and the problem of using paper with good quality is solved. Obviously, paper is the main cause of this failure. But can we solve this problem by adjusting the process? Through analysis, the conventional color sequence of printing is black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. The magenta net is to be overprinted on the cyan solid ground just printed. In order to prevent anti-stripping, the viscosity of magenta ink is reduced, and the viscosity of cyan ink is increased. The problem remains unsolved. Although the effect of using imported ink is better, it is still not ideal. After analysis, because the four-color machine is wet and wet overprinting, when overprinting another color ink on a wet field, the transfer effect is poor, and the ink transfer rate is low. Try to change the printing color sequence of magenta and cyan. The red net, this sample paper, is very flat on the ground, and when the 150g / m2 offset paper is used, the flower blooming on the ground is serious, and it is not effective to increase the printing pressure. It is obviously caused by the rough surface of the offset paper and poor ink affinity. Because the cyan color is in the second group, the paper has poor ink affinity and is not firmly bound to the ink. The printed cyan ink will be peeled off part of the second group of blankets. Will the single-print green ink be printed on plain clothes? We depressurize the rest of the machine's color groups and print only the cyan color. The printed results are very plain, so we adjusted the printing color sequence and placed the cyan version in the last group to eliminate the printing problems.

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