Upholstered furniture sets new standards for quality assurance

The National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee recently passed the examination and approval of four new standards for soft furniture. It has now passed the approval stage, and there will be no history of software-related furniture in China.

The situation that there is no specific relevant standards in soft furniture in China will become history.

The National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee recently passed the examination and approval of four new standards for soft furniture, and has now passed the approval stage. After the formal implementation of the four software furniture standards, the harmful substances in the soft furniture such as sofas, soft beds and mattresses that are indispensable to consumers will be controlled by new standards, and the quality and safety of the products will be better protected.

Reporter survey

Consumers ignore the hazards of formaldehyde

The reporter visited in the home store to see that many consumers consulted and purchased before the soft furniture products.

The reporter asked several soft furniture brands in the store. When asked about the environmental performance of the soft furniture, the sales staff gave a detailed introduction to the reporter. The sales staff emphasized to the reporter that the soft furniture they distributed is environmentally friendly materials, there is no formaldehyde pollution, and most of the products are marked with “green furniture” and “ten ring certification”.

However, the reporter also found that among these environmental certifications, there was no software for furniture, and for the harmful substances other than formaldehyde, the sales staff of soft furniture in the store did not introduce.

Li Xi, general manager of Shu Liya Furniture, said that there is no special standard for software furniture in the country, and it is also a problem to detect. Even the most authoritative environmental certification certification in the country, there is no certification for fabrics and sponges, and currently soft furniture. Environmental performance is based on environmental standards for furniture products.

Manager Zhang Hua of the Mengbao mattress introduced that the current environmental monitoring part of the soft furniture adopts the standard of “Limited Hazardous Substances in Wood Furniture for Interior Decoration Materials”, in which the detailed regulations on the harmful substances of furniture products will be paid attention to Standard introduction.

The reporter also randomly asked some consumers who purchased soft furniture in the store. For the environmental performance of soft furniture, consumers can not tell the harmful substances other than formaldehyde.

new standard

Clearly limit the harmful substances in soft furniture

The four new standards that have been approved are “Limited Hazardous Substances in Soft Furniture Mattresses”, “Limited Hazardous Substances in Upholstered Furniture Sofas”, “Determination of Dimethyl Fumarate Content in Furniture” and “Soft Furniture Sofas”.

The four new standards provide provisions for the selection and production process of raw and auxiliary materials for soft furniture, and provide safety guidance for consumers to purchase soft furniture.

The reporter learned on the website of the National Furniture Standardization Technical Committee that the new standard has set limits for formaldehyde, dimethyl fumarate and azo dyes in soft furniture products.

The revision of the industry standard for "soft furniture sofa" mainly increases the requirements for fabrics, and at the same time increases the requirements for safety moving parts, and stipulates the fixed position of the return of sofa products. In the "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Upholstered Mattresses" standard, the definition of harmful substances has increased compared with the sofa products, and the harm of the anti-flame retardant to the human body in the fabric of the mattress has been introduced. Five flame retardants are stipulated.

Dimethyl fumarate

Dimethyl fumarate has a wide range of high-efficiency antibacterial and bactericidal effects on microorganisms. It has been widely used in food, feed, tobacco, leather and clothing for antiseptic, mildew and preservation. Dimethyl fumarate can cause health damage. According to clinical trials, dimethyl fumarate can cause corrosive damage to the human intestines and internal organs through inhalation through the esophagus; and when the substance comes into contact with the skin, it can cause contact dermatitis pain, including itching, irritation, redness and Burns.

Azo dye

Textiles and garments are the most widely used synthetic dyes in the printing and dyeing process. They are used in the dyeing and printing of a variety of natural and synthetic fibers, as well as in the coloring of paints, plastics and rubber. Under special conditions, it can decompose and produce more than 20 kinds of carcinogenic aromatic amines, which are activated to change the DNA structure of the human body to cause lesions and induce cancer.

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